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What are the benfiits of Cloud Computing?

By jayanth_reddy ·
Hi everyone..

Can anyone explain me the benefits of cloud computing.what are the major benefits do we have in cloud computing?please explain in detail.

-Thank you

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And with a large Asian Country breaking into Managed Systems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Benefits of cloud computi ...

Your Number 2 reason is a joke.

May have been true a few years ago but defiantly not today as all Western Counteries have been claiming that this country has broken into these systems and used the data for their own ends.

And more importantly you had better believe if that country has done this then others certianly have as well.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing in 2019

by RonCloudGeek In reply to What are the benfiits of ...

1) System administration cost will be saved as everything is on the cloud. No need to worry about the hassles of network switches, servers, operating systems.
2)Files are encrypted. You can work securely from anywhere. Helpful for employees and business owners who travel a lot.
3) Provides Flexibility. One can also run e-commerce, CRM, or ERP applications.
4) Another benefit of moving to the cloud is its level of reliability. If one server is down, you’ll still be able to access your data as another server will take its place. This means that all your resources will be kept safe at any time.
5)Easy mobile access. Another benefit of cloud migration is easy mobile access. This is a rather significant takeaway – there are now over a billion smartphone users globally and the majority of the would naturally prefer the convenience provided by their portable devices when getting updates about work.
6)Quick and Easy recovery. Cloud computing has multiple solutions intended to protect and recover your data.
7)Environmental Benefit
Since you won’t need a lot of hardware or physical products, your business will help reduce environmental waste. This will help decrease the production of paper wastes.

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