What are the biggest Cyber Threats?

By shrutis2878 ·
which are the biggest Cyber Threats and How can cyber attacks be prevented?

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types of cyber threats

by SFCable In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

Ransomware. This is a form of malware (malicious software) that attempts to encrypt (scramble) your data and then extort a ransom to release an unlock Computer virus.
Adware and spyware
Malware on Mobile Apps

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Cyber Threats

by Ahmed Kamal Tahir In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

Hackers are constantly finding new targets and refining the tools they use to break through cyberdefenses. The following are some significant threats to look out for this year.

1) More huge data breaches
2) Ransomware in the cloud
3) The weaponization of AI
4) Cyber-physical attacks
5) Mining cryptocurrencies
6) Hacking elections

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The Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

by henrycartersmith93 In reply to What are the biggest Cybe ...

The cyber attacks are getting sophisticated each year as they are involving malware, phishing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence which has placed the data of many organizations at constant risk.

As mentioned above phishing attacks have seen a new trend this year as many hackers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation and are sending phishing emails to attack many companies.

Ransomware is a non-stop trend, every quarter people witness new threads of ransomware attacks that more complex and sophisticated. It is believed to cost victims millions of dollars every year.

Then there is cyber warfare which intends to rise this year as well. Many governments are investing in cyberattacks to sabotage IoT systems of other countries.

The threat to hospital records and equipment is also on the rise. We constantly get to hear hospital servers getting hijacked.

The protection against cyber attacks is necessary which is why companies like SteneFly, Dell, HPE, and Nutanix have developed simplified variations of backup and disaster recovery appliances.

The most popular appliance from StoneFly includes DR365U that can be integrated with on-premises servers of all kinds. It has enterprise-grade features including AI-powered ransomware protection, data encryption, remote backup in the public and private cloud. It also supports all major hypervisors; KVM, Citrix, Hyper-V, and VMware.

Knowing the depth of the problem and solution will help you make you the right decision. Good Luck!

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