What are the credentials for your Physical Security white paper author

By neil licht ·
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This is written in response to a featured article on TechRepublic today:

Physical Security in Mission Critical Facilities

My comments relate and question relates to it:

Mag stripe cards have been unused in physical securirty for years. Ask us physical security people how we answer the questions raised about who you are, why are you here and when are you allowed automatically, make the automated decisions, and get the preventative security plus the reactive security handled.

Neil Licht 25 year physical security solutions provider veteran, launched a browser based solution and lots more plus CCTV etc.

Find a genuine expert if you are writing a white paper please!!!

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by neil licht In reply to OK

I am not an IT person and I did think Tech Republic sanctioned or picked their links as things that can guide their readership.

Mag stipes are not specified in any new or retrofitted system because its easy to copy them.

Prox, and as the author said, biometrics have become the choice and ofte, two credentials, one you know and one you carry are used. Its an imperfect system still.

I will thing about writing something that can help readers understand the physical security side and how it integrates with the IT managed networks.

Give me a little time to do so please.

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I'd certainly read it, whenever you have time to write it.

by seanferd In reply to Thanks

I would think it would be a lot more up-to-date than something from 2004! And the perspective of another professional is always good.

Yes, I do realize that mag stripe cards and card readers are chock full of vulnerabilities. They still seem to be in use, regardless of their failings. Hopefully, they are used less as time wears on.

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Extol yourself

by santeewelding In reply to What are the credentials ...

And put another down...more, to take advantage of sleazy self-advertising without paying: I'm pushing the button.

I wish I could do it with every instance of self-aggrandizement I encounter here.

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today's tech republic article on the white paper about physical security

by neil licht In reply to Extol yourself

This is written in response to a featured article on TechRepublic today:

Physical Security in Mission Critical Facilities

My comments relate and question relates to it.

I too offense at the lack of credentials the author had re physical security and was not advertising for myself. Rxperts do white papers so Tech Republic needs to find a real physical security practitioner , not an IT person to do a credible white paper on that subject.

No, I'm not advertising for me, I'm chastizing Tech Republic's definition of an expert and the worthyness of the white paper they linked to today, 8-4-10 about critical security needs, access control and its system design.

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One more Hail Mary

by santeewelding In reply to today's tech republic art ...

Ought to do it.

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Hail mary

by neil licht In reply to One more Hail Mary

Hopefully still full of Grace. I do appreciate the challanges and it does provoke thinking re how IT and Physical SEcurity must relate and understand each other's worlds.

WE do work together borrowing from each side so the entire process of security management-response works as it should.

Only in the last 8 years has Physical Security finally learned how to work with the IT people because ultimately, our stuff goes on YOUR network.

Its your expertise that makes that work or tells us that it can not work and we have finally learned to respect and trust it.

REgards, Neil

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by santeewelding In reply to Hail mary

The technology of "IT", translated to cocked and locked, does no good without the information and intelligence of "IT", which translates to, "What the **** do think you're doing?"

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You earned your keep, today

by santeewelding In reply to Relevant White Paper

Our friend, didn't.

Pretty damned good white paper...unlike his quickie.

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Yep I have to agree here

by OH Smeg In reply to You earned your keep, tod ...

But whys the OP complaining about the contents of this White Paper?

Not really sure what they are on about.


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