What are the credentials for your Physical Security white paper author

By neil licht ·
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This is written in response to a featured article on TechRepublic today:

Physical Security in Mission Critical Facilities

My comments relate and question relates to it:

Mag stripe cards have been unused in physical securirty for years. Ask us physical security people how we answer the questions raised about who you are, why are you here and when are you allowed automatically, make the automated decisions, and get the preventative security plus the reactive security handled.

Neil Licht 25 year physical security solutions provider veteran, launched a browser based solution and lots more plus CCTV etc.

Find a genuine expert if you are writing a white paper please!!!

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by dawgit In reply to You earned your keep, tod ...

And I read in it a lot more than just swiping Magnetic strip cards.
Of course my concept of Mission Critical will be vastly different than that of someone sitting in a providers office. That might be 'High Security' to him, but doesn't qualify as much to me.

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Becaiause We come from different worlds-viewpoints of value will differ

by neil licht In reply to Agreed...

Mussion critical is exactly what drives a well designed access control solution. Its not high security alone.

It prevents lots of theft, can be tagged to equipment that moves around or can leave the building so you can track it, can manage access to areas that are unsafe to the general public.

IT people should be involved in the design, not just to assure protection of their resouces but to assue the solution fits into the way they need it to be if it is to work well on thir global network and not bog it down.

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No argument here...

by dawgit In reply to Becaiause We come from di ...

As you've stated... different view points.
Different perspectives will certainly bring about different solutions too.
There is no one size fits all, and in reference to the original poster, no need to complain of others view points.

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I give up - I'm not the enemy

by neil licht In reply to Relevant White Paper

Its apparent that non physical security people do not understand how physical security works. If you took issue with my comments re credentials, then show me your credentials. Mine ar 25 years long and I have moved an entire industry, physical security, into the world of being compatible with the IT sysetems in place.

I respect IT and how it works, learned that first and then went about matching a network based physical security management systeminto the standards and connectivity process IT uses.

Give me a bit of credit - Mag stripes are not used anymore and that is a red flag in the white paper that the author already is way out of touch and does not know current electronic access control methods, systems, solutions and should consult with those of us wh specialize in it.

I wouldn't proport to write apaper on IT although I understand how the connectivity, roadblocks,bandwidth, web, networking connectivity, sub networks, all the terms.

Given my expertise then in my area, Is it so hard to accept why I took issue with the white paper and asked about the author's credentials?

You should have done that as well - White papers featured on this site must be credible and the source expert.

Neil licht

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Don't give up, and you're not acused of being an enemy

by dawgit In reply to I give up - I'm not the e ...

It might be because many of us have a different view of 'Physical' Security.
If you have ever worked in an environment where there were real serious people watching, with real weapons, loaded with real ammunition, then you might have a different perspective of 'Physical security' than others.
And the term 'Critical' means that someone can Die.
And 'Mission Essential' means will <i>not</i> fail.
Just a wee bit of a different perspective, no?

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by NexS In reply to Don't give up, and you're ...

Was what I was going to say, also.

I've spent time in a security company - guards division - so I feel I've got a fairly wide view of security measures.

Critical = Death?
Does that mean 'Business Critical' = 'Business Death'?

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we do actually think "mission critical" as well

by neil licht In reply to Don't give up, and you're ...

I understand that "picture". Physical security refers to electronic access control, CCTV, alarm management, incident management.

The electronic systems prevent issues and alert the folks with the guns, etc by sensing-seeing things people can not see.

Its amazing in terms of the technologies available and what they can do and they are being deployed in Mission Critical environments.


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I'm sure that

by NexS In reply to we do actually think "mis ...

Physical security measures aren't deployed in only 'Critical' locales.

It all depends on what the needs for security is. Be it hazardous equipment/material, dangerous persons, sensitive data, etc.

Though, true enough, that the more 'Critical' the situation, the higher the budget.

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These white papers are ads

by JamesRL In reply to I give up - I'm not the e ...

And the content or the author isn't vetted by Tech Republic.

We in IT are used to white papers. They are generally trying to sell a product to an audience that doesn't respond to ads. We know they are biased. Thats why they pay to present them.

We don't take them as seriously as you do.

There are a few of us here who understand physical security. I've worked at places with guards with guns, full body scanners and the like.

Ignore the whitepaper, and share your thoughts with us.

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That is a very good way to put it.

by seanferd In reply to These white papers are ad ...

As I also mentioned in another post, whitepapers are advertising, mostly, unless they are coming from an organization which is strictly research based.

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