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By natepickle ·
I am considering retraining for an IT career but dont want the choice to be all about the most money How can I find out about all the diff. IT fields so I can at leastg get an idea?

Also how does one tell if they like a particular field, trying each would not get you anywhere.

What is the best way to go about getting training?

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Local junior college or tech school

by john3347 In reply to WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT AR ...

Nate, the best way for someone like you to get a basic understanding of what IT work consists of is to take a computer course at whatever tech school or junior college is available to you. You can even audit a course, usually at a reduced tuition, and "mingle" with others who have the same aspirations as you. You will learn a lot in a few weeks that will guide you as to whether you want to proceed or not and, if so, which direction.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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by theartofwar In reply to WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT AR ...

I am not sure how old you are but If you are older I suggest taking some training programs Like A+ (THIS FIRST), CCNA, N+ certification training to start with....You could take the long route and go back to college ....

When I first went to school...My Uncle told me that "programming" was great (I HATED COMPUTER SCIENCE)...After 2 years, I switched to Networking and then went on to a MS in Info Science......( I found out that I loved Networking, Database, Information Systems, Expert Systems things like this)

I guess what you need to really identify is what you like to do with computers, the options are WIDE OPEN....I dont feel you can just "do security" without knowing Operating Systems(desktop and server), Networking...
and a whole bunch of other be honest...
Good math skills will help in the begining...but I use calculators for any complex math....

If you dont know what you want to do "with computers" take an A+ training course(get certified if you have to pay for it) to learn the "basics" of how computers work.

Use this as a "testing" ground....Some people may disagree with me, but if you have no idea, start at the your way up...Take N+ certifications, take some database classes, take a intro computer programming course(or two), find an O/S or Server course....take some courses at college (community or 2year college) to get your feet wet, take a couple of courses from a array of areas....

Beleive me, Real quick you will figure out what is good for you....

The only way to know what you will like in the long run without PRIOR exposure is to take an array of courses even if it is just one or two....A+ is a great STARTING PLACE...

Good Luck

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