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What are TR members?

By Jaqui ·
The site is focussed on providing resources for IT Professionals, yes, but is there a requirement that all members be IT Pros?

Or would it be better to say that members should have an interest in learning about IT?
Not just learning the Windows Security issue of the hour, but all aspects, from what os options there are, to how to configure a workstation to be as secure as possible, without killing the functionality needed for people to get their jobs done.

In my opinion [ which counts for nothing ] the latter is the better definition for membership requirement. After all, we always complain about stupid end users and how they break our systems, so non IT pros using the resources to learn would seem to be a way to stop that from happening, in the long run.

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uh...your welcome?

by Jaqui In reply to and I thank you too

IT = Information Technology [ in the context I used it. ]
That means any piece of equipement used for manipulating, transmitting or storing data.

IT Pro meaning someone who gets paid for any aspect of working with IT, be it maintaining the hardware to enabling the end user or creating a set of scripts designed to display the data in a human readable fashion. [ website design* ]

* I actually don't include flash, activex, ajax or javascript powered websites in a definition of HUMAN READABLE. If a website contains no data that displays without using clientside technology, then it's not human readable, so multimedia websites fail dismally at being concidered human readable.

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Pay Stub????

by dawgit In reply to "All segments of the IT i ...

No, we couldn't have that....
Than I'd to tell you just who I work for.... no, no.

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Are you feeling OK?

by dawgit In reply to What are TR members?

You sound a littled depresed in this post. Get some coffee, kick MS around a little bit and take a long week-end OFF. (and enjoy :-) )

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weekend off?

by Jaqui In reply to Are you feeling OK?

what are you going on about?

I actually get a paychecque for working weekend evenings.
my "days off" from that are monday and tuesday.
with every other wednesday tossed in.
[ go figure, I'm getting a paycheque for security work. ]

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I had to come back...

by dawgit In reply to What are TR members?

There's something simular that's been bugging me too. Same as your question "What is a TR member". Just what is 'IT'? It seems to mean everything nodays. Secutary; no, Adminestrative Ast.; no, Exc,admin; no, now: 'IT'. HR clerk, nope, now 'IT'. Puplic Rel.; now 'IT'. Data entry; 'IT'. Poor computer guy in the back, oh he's 'it'. When I went to college there was no computer science Dept. because there was no 'computer' science. Now almost every 14 year- old is a hacker. (& some are good too) I was fieldin computers in strange places over 20 years ago, and still learning. Am I 'IT' only I have to say so. Otherwise, no, I'm not one of those.... (ok, geekie maybe, a little) I like TR, because here the 'IT' b-s is not here. Just People, some of whom are good with computers. There.......... my 2 euro cents -d

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IT snobs should consider

by pennatomcat In reply to What are TR members?

that, while a paystub MIGHT justify calling yourself a "pro", that doesn't mean that you're an expert. Some of the so-called professionals have a lot to learn.

Example: In my college days, I worked part-time as a computer lab monitor. The network admin that I worked under couldn't understand why the system was so full of virus infections, even though he had installed the latest, greatest antivirus software. I tried to explain to him that it wasn't enough just to install it--he had to set it up to terminate and stay resident. Of course nothing happened--he simply wouldn't listen to advice coming from a lowly student.

In sum, I'll pay attention to useful information coming from anyone, regardless of "pro" status.

Perhaps the IT snobs should take their narrow minds to their own invitation-only mutual adoration forum. Would anyone miss them?

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by Jaqui In reply to IT snobs should consider

I started this thread to see who thinks that anyone not working in IT shouldn't be a member.

not because I think so, but because it seems to be a misconception of some non it industry members that they don't really belong.

I say they do belong, and do contribute something valuable to the site. Their end user perspective on what "pros" concider issues is important, it helps us learn how to better communicate the issues with the end users we have to work with.

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Wow, bitter much? ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to IT snobs should consider

The long and the short of it is this:

If an IT "pro" acts that way, they are no pro at all. They actually are hurting the end user and damaging the image of IT pros everywhere.

As a rule I tend to listen to complaints and deal with them on an individual basis. However, I very rarely throw out information based on the percived educational level. That's always really gotten to me.

On that note, as an IT pro (and now a teacher), I tend to look at things (or at least try) from a students perspective rather than from my "higher" knowledege one. It really opens your eyes to why some parts of IT are considered "snobby." (eg it is almost impossible to explain highly complex stuff like a rule based IDS vs learning IDS using baysian learning)

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How true!

by zlitocook In reply to Wow, bitter much? ;-)

We may be good at our jobs but the people we work with, doctors, nurses, lawers, ceo's ect are just as good at thier jobs. I learn alot from them and show respect when working with them. I like to hear non IT comments and like working with them.
I get great advice and some good perks if I do good work for them :)

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That's why love...

by RayJeff In reply to How true!

working in higher education. I've worked with so many professors and my knowledge has been a great equalizer. But on the same token, I get to learn from them as well. Yes, learning from others can be a joy, if they don't act like snobs!!!

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