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What are your favorite windows registry tweaks/hacks? Please share...

By UncleRob ·
Most of us have opened up regedit (or similar registry tool) at least once and made some modification or change to fix or tweak a particular windows setting. What is your favorite windows registry tweak/hack?

I'll start off by listing a few registry tweaks I've tested & used in the past with success.

It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyways) that changes to the windows registry must be done with extreme caution. Careless changes can make Windows operate strangely (even more than how it normally operates!) or cause it to stop working altogether. Back up your windows registry before you do anything:
Click Start, Run, type regedit, and press <Enter> to open the windows registry editor. Then choose My Computer in the folder pane on the left, click File, Export, give the file a name, and select a location to store it (preferably on a CD-RW or other type of removable media). The resulting file may be huge, and restoring your registry from it may take a while. WinXP's system restore utility also makes regular system restore points but having an additional registry backup doesn't hurt.

That being said, I look forward to the various windows registry tweaks/hacks that everyone else has used with great success. Please make sure to provide the full reg key and brief description of the change it makes/advantage it provides to windows.

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What happens when 2 programs are using the same DLL

by michaelmartini In reply to Unload Dll and more

If 2 programs are using the same DLL, will it unload the DLL if you exit only one program or will it leave the DLL loaded while the other program is still open

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by Tigerborn1962 In reply to Unload Dll and more

Could repost this one. It's cut off & I don't have that my registry, either.

Thank you!

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by adviceadvantage_2000 In reply to ???

Same problem. Please repost the Value Name.

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Unload Dll Myth

by rhizophagus In reply to Unload Dll and more

This key is not supported in Windows 2000 and XP. Shell automatically unloads a Dll when the usage count is zero, but only after the DLL has not been used for a time. This inactivity might be long at times such as when a Shell extension DLL is being debugged. Yes for operating systems BEFORE Windows 2000, you can shorten the inactive period by adding this registry key

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Dunno if this counts, but it's definately a hack (or two...)

by noyoki In reply to What are your favorite wi ...

Because we are a Novell house (NetWare 4.11 - y2k patch set up quite incorrectly) with a mix of Windows (98 to XP) and two networked printers (that are also set up in a rather non-standard way), I have to NET USE both printers on the XP machines or they take forEVER to initialize.

Also, with our version of Novell, for some reason, the "Power User" option in XP goes away once the Novell client is installed (no idea). So I've had to cacls too many things to count (AIA, GroupWise (we're on 5.5ep) wouldn't let the users add to their spell check, etc) to get them to work...

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Disable the 'clear history' button in IE

by jeffshmyr In reply to Dunno if this counts, but ...

Our employees used to just clear the history if they were surfing non-work related sites. This tweak greys out the clear history button. I have used it in W98/W2K/WXP.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel]

To go back to default change 00000001 to 00000000

That tweak was found at this site.

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Not necessary

by LStewart In reply to Disable the 'clear histor ...

You do realize that when a user cleans out the history their index.dat file is left intact and contains a list of all the sites that have been visited.

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Cookies Anyone!

by pcbrown In reply to Not necessary

The index.dat file has cookie information. It does not store "ALL" the websites visited. If its that important to find out where users are going, it should be easy to justify an application that you can use to track there activities. Tracking them at the desktop seems rather inefficient, Don?t you think.

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Registry edits via network

by cwallace In reply to Disable the 'clear histor ...

I want to apply this registry edit to disable the 'clear internet history' button on about 150 machines over our network.

What can I do to either activate a script or use AD to get this done.

Any help would be great. I have others I want to do also, but this is the main one and I am sure the rest will all just be a matter of editing the actual registry entry.


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The Long Way

by jembrey In reply to Registry edits via networ ...

There is a way in the registry edit screen. I only know how to do it on XP. Go to start and then select run. Run regedit. On the screen, go to File and select Connect Network Registry. Enter the computer names. This will give you access to all of their registration data.

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