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what do americans think of british/visa versa

By rob_serve ·

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That is so-o-o-o SAD

by neilb@uk In reply to wanna bone a spicegirl

Have you SEEN them lately?

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by Hargerd In reply to That is so-o-o-o SAD

...FLUBBER-SPICE and the rest - Ohh! I feel a wee bit sick now :)

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Only if...

by Jessie In reply to wanna bone a spicegirl

Only if your definition of boning is whacking them upside the head with a nice fossilized femur... then ok... let's ALL bone the spice girls!

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by house In reply to what do americans think o ...

What a strange topic. I think you will get your answer, if you go through the "miscellaneous" category. Everyone here is pretty cool about things, but there are always instances of USA vs. Canada, UK, and Australia. It works both ways of course, personally, I don't judge... but I'll joke around a bit - especially with the more conservative americans. :)

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I had a great vacation....

by faith_michele In reply to what do americans think o ...

When I visited London, many years ago, I had a great experience. It was around New Year's Eve one year. Other then the rain, it was a great experience. I flew in from Germany, stayed near Hyde Park, and went to a local pub for New Year's Eve. We dressed in costumes, drank pints of beer, played darts, and it is was one of my most memorable times. Once I was able to understand the accent (an American accent must be harder to understand), I saw all the sights and travelled on the Underground. The pound was a little high at the time. I wish that I had been able to stay longer and see more of England then just Londan.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, I served with a British Engineer officer, who I might add was a really good person. He was always good for an interesting conversation.

Opinions of cultures really should not be made by people who have not visited the country in question.

Have a Great Day,

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I'm going to go out on a limb..

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to I had a great vacation... ...

and say
Dear Americans,
We know the UK is a small place, but trust us, there is more to it that just London!!! And to be fair, if its more than jsut typical sites that say 'England' then your'e probably better off in some of the other places!
But it does rain and remain grey everywhere, thats not a London specific thing. You get used to itWarwick for example, is such a place, with Englands largest stately home. You will even discover otehr hidden facts in such places, like the way Dionne Warwick has been mis-pronouncing her name for the last few decades!
Anyway, there more to England than London, and most of its nicer!


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And more to UK than just England!!!!

by Hargerd In reply to I'm going to go out on a ...

Also please remember guys....

The UK is made up of 4 regions
1. England
2. Scotland
3. Northern Ireland (you know.....the bit a lot of you nations? citizens gave money to a terrorist organisation to try to prise off us)
4. Wales

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by faith_michele In reply to I'm going to go out on a ...

I wish that I had visited more then London (I did have a great time there). I did stop at an airport in Ireland once, but that really doesn't count.

Have a Great Night!

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Yanks v Brits

by Techjunkie In reply to what do americans think o ...

Thing to remember is that America is a truly diverse society, created by settlers from UK and Ireland and then with it's wealth attracting immigrants from Europe and all over the world - which I think is a good thing.

Britian by contrast had already been there and done that before America had got going and the two are difficult to compare but I think that technologically we all share a common goal i.e. to develop new technology to better our lives, ironically the Brits develop it and the Americans then supply funding to make it mass market (Berners-Lee et al).

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