What do i do to get my mouse and keyboard to work?

By fin4lprayer ·
So yesterday i built my computer, and was having problems with the screen turning on. I got the 8 pin converter to plug into the motherboard and now it turns on =D

However, when i turn on the computer...the mouse and keyboard light up but when it gets to the windows screen, they both shut off. But if i go into the (i think) BIOS menu, they stay on, but then when i back out to start windows...they shut off. So do i need to activate something or turn something on in that menu?

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Your old HDD will NOT boot in the new system ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Using my old HDD

That is definite. Unless the new motherboard is identical to the old one (and it can't be otherwise there's no point in having purchased it!) an existing installation of Windows just won't work.

You've got to install Windows ON the system that you're going to run it on.

Have you got a M$ branded Windows installation disc ?

Have you bought an installation disc for this new machine ?

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Try using the adapter with the keyboard ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Already enabled...

Put the adapter on the USB plug for the keyboard and connect it to the PURPLE socket at the back.

I've got to ask: Are you just saying that the problem is the LIGHT on the keyboard goes out, or are you saying that the keyboard DOESN'T WORK ?

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Ok, so...

by fin4lprayer In reply to Try using the adapter wit ...

I had to go look for that adapter, which i could not find...however, i did find a keyboard is the PS/2 lead...and it worked. The mouse though, still turned off when it got to the windows screen. So can i just buy two adapters for the mouse and one for the keyboard to plug into the PS/2 slots?

Yes, i do have a brand new set of Windows XP discs....

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Have you considered the possibility ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ok, so...

That within this BIOS, a BIOS that you (and I - I don't even know what it is) are unfamiliar with.. - there is a remote possibility that WHITE is ON and GREY is OFF.

You've been assuming that GREY is ON.

Just a thought (it depends what the BIOS looks like).

Why are you asking about TWO adapters for the mouse? How many leads does it have?

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by fin4lprayer In reply to Ok, so...

I suppose that grey could be off...but thats just where it says what its recognized...the 1 keyboard, and 1 mouse part....but i have the things enabled...ive looked in the other menus and nothing looks like it has anything to do with turning on the usb ports or anything...

What i met was two one for the keyboard, and one for the mouse. I was just wondering is there USB to PS/2 adapters...i'm looking on newegg and all that im finding is the PS/2 to USB >.<

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Here's a hint for you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ok, so...

One end of the adapter has a USB male (or female)
Other end of the adapter has pins (or sockets for pins)

Now I've only ever seen adapters that took an old PS/2 keyboard/mouse FORWARD to become a USB device.

It was YOU that introduced a USB combination + an adapter to go BACKWARD to PS/2 (which you now cannot find) so only you can say if it ever existed. I've never seen one.

Don't discount the chance that you've misread the BIOS. I'd try it - usually the BIOS has a Tick/Untick nomenclature, so WHITE/GREY could be either way round! :)

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could this work?

by fin4lprayer In reply to Ok, so...

"It was YOU that introduced a USB combination + an adapter to go BACKWARD to PS/2 (which you now cannot find) so only you can say if it ever existed. I've never seen one."

Yes, what i was talking about would be something to plug my USB mouse/keyboard plug into the PS/2 slots..which you must be right...and don't exist. I must be thinking the adapter i saw was USB to PS/2 ...when it must have been the other way around.


I was looking around and found this old thread:

Would the USB pci card work? such as that guy suggested in:

and im gonna go look around in the BIOS again.

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I take back EVERYTHING I've posted up 2 above ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ok, so...

I've just found one of the adapters I've been telling you don't exist!! :^0

I'm not talking about a link - I'm actually holding it in my hand AND it is a retro adapter - it takes a USB plug BACKWARDS to a PS/2 plug.

So, somewhere lying around in your domestic detritus you have the answer to your present problem. You've already found a PS/2 keyboard, so all you've got to do is find that sucker and your mouse also will work.

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by fin4lprayer In reply to Ok, so...

Thats awesome!! i was saying in my head... i swear, that adapter was for usb to ps/2...but he must be right. lol!

Sweet...Thanks so much... Is it actually called a "retro adapter"? because all i'm getting is telephone looking things and coffee makers, lol. i'll let you know how this works...and maybe (hopefully, for both our sakes) this will be the last of my problems! =)

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Google for the following part number ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What do i do to get my mo ...

I've practically blinded myself trying to squint tightly enough to read these tiny little characters of this odd-looking adapter! :^0


Here's a site with an image of what I'm holding in my ageing hands...

So - get looking for it.

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