What do i do to get my mouse and keyboard to work?

By fin4lprayer ·
So yesterday i built my computer, and was having problems with the screen turning on. I got the 8 pin converter to plug into the motherboard and now it turns on =D

However, when i turn on the computer...the mouse and keyboard light up but when it gets to the windows screen, they both shut off. But if i go into the (i think) BIOS menu, they stay on, but then when i back out to start windows...they shut off. So do i need to activate something or turn something on in that menu?

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Thank god for ebay!

by fin4lprayer In reply to Google for the following ...

Or i might have had to learn how to read chineese and pay a godly amount of shipping charges. Haha, i'll let you know how everything turns out when the adapters arrive =)
Thanks again.

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I'd advise that you take care what you order ... [EDIT]

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank god for ebay!

Simply because the one I've got is GREEN.

I doubt if it is encased in green plastic by accident, so there must be TWO different adaptors floating around out there: one GREEN and one PURPLE.

There is an element of commonality in a USB plug/socket but the electronics of USB circuitry can adapt each channel of communication depending on what the USB plug is connected to.

PS/2 on the other hand cannot - each has its own distinct PINOUT. So if you order 2 green ones, you'll only be able to use them with a mouse. You need to source a PURPLE one to use with a KEYBOARD.



Thought you ought to be aware.

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Got em =)

by fin4lprayer In reply to I'd advise that you take ...

Ordered them in a pair off of ebay for 4 bucks, i was sure to get the purple and green because they also came in pairs of lol.

My friend also gave me a PS/2 mouse..a little too late , but oh well. you said, i have my old HDD...with the rest of my new stuff.. Honestly, i have no clue what to do now...
When i get to my screen, i can see my background but no icons, and a window that says i have to activate this copy of windows with microsoft. I'm not sure if i stated this earlier, but i do have a brand new set of windows XP discs. Can i clear my HDD and then install the new set of windows and just start new? (like i said...i don't know ow to do any of step by step would help ALOT =D )

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As has already been covered in the previous thread ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Got em =)

You cannot introduce an already installed HDD into a new system and expect the installed operating system to work. - It won't.

The old HDD, with XP installed on it, is expecting to 'see' the motherboard that was in situ when the original installation took place. The XP installation on this old HDD contains all the chipset drivers and ancillary drivers for THAT motherboard. NOT for the motherboard inside this new PC system. So when it begins to load XP it is effectively living in a foreign world, where most of what is there is unrecognisable to the installation.

You need to wipe the HDD completely and start afresh as if the HDD was brand new, straight out of the box.

Download and run DBAN:

Hopefully you've got a drivers disc for your new motherboard. You'll use this directly after the new XP installation completes and reboots.

So - run Darik's Boot&Nuke.
The HDD will end up completely empty.
Open the DVD drawer, place XP install disc in tray, DO NOT CLOSE THE TRAY, POWER DOWN.
Power up, the DVD drawer should close as the power hits the system, the PC should boot from the DVD drive.
(If it doesn't boot from the optical drive you'll get a system message saying "Boot Error :: Operating System cannot be found"

You can change the boot order within the BIOS, press F2 (or other key) at boot. It'll flash up which key at boot.

Once the XP installation disc kicks in, it'll format the hard drive for you, allowing you to pick how big a partition to allow for Windows, then begin the install. Apart from a couple of choices to click on, it'll take anything up to 45-50 minutes.

When the XP installation has finished you'll then have to type in the NAME for the Account ID, and it'll finish and reboot on its own.

When you finally arrive at the Windows Welcome Screen, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO ONLINE otherwise Microsoft will get hold of the ystem. You DO NOT want that at this stage.

You now have to remove the XP install disc and replace it with the Chipset Drivers disc for your new motherboard. This should install each of up to 10 drivers one at a time. This may involve a couple of RESTARTS. This is normal. By far - the most important driver to install (and check) is the Sound Driver for the system. Many sound drivers (my own included) are not approved by Microsoft, so if you allow the M$ site to gain access to the computer BEFORE you install the sound drivers, the M$ site will install 'Windows Genuine Advantage' and from that point on - your PC will NOT recognise its own sound drivers. These sound drivers MUST be installed before the PC gets exposed to Microsoft.

ONLY once you are sure that you have a fully working system should you allow the machine anywhere near the internet, and even then, preferably AFTER you have installed an Anti-Virus Package and a 3rd party Firewall.

I'd advise you download Avast anti-virus & ZoneAlarm (perhaps save them to a thumb drive) before you NUKE then install XP, so that you've already got their installers before you have to go online with the newly installed PC.

If you've got any further questions - I recommend you ask them BEFORE you commit to wiping the HDD and installing XP.

Good Luck! :)

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by fin4lprayer In reply to As has already been cover ...

Okay...When i turned on my computer after the mouse problem, it said that this copy of windows had to be activated w/ ms first, so i did that and everything was working. I installed the audio drivers for my motherboard from the foxconn website, and i got my audio to work. (except my mic...)

I'm guessing i still need to wipe my HDD correct?

When i do, and install the motherboard chipset drivers...Is that the disc that came with the motherboard? (just want to make sure) ...I have to get a new optical drive before i do this, because my disc drive only has power...its plugged into the psu, and it opens and closes and thats about it since its not plugged into the motherboard or anything.


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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank god for ebay!

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