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What do you ask in an interview?

By jc2it ·
Ok this question is for everyone.

I have always fell into my jobs in the past, usually because of networking. So I have never paid much attention to the interview process.

We are looking for an "IT HELP DESK TECHNICIAN" at my place of business. This would basically be someone that I could train to do most of my time consuming helpdesk support tasks. We are not looking for a lot of experience, in fact those that submitted resumes that had more than about four years of experience were immediately rejected (as overqualified and requiring to much compensation for this job).

Since I have never interviewed anyone in particular, I would like to go to the experts. Meaning You!

If you have interviewed prospective employees in the past. What do you look for? What do you ask them?

If you have been interviewed for a job like this recently. What questions did you answer that you felt made a differance? What did you think was stupid? If you were conducting the interview would you have do something differently?

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Good Start

by In reply to What do you ask in an int ...

A good Desktop Support person has the ability to multi-task and pick up right where they left off. I like to simulate this by asking a "scenario" question (maybe a simple troubleshooting task) and then interupt their thought process by taking them into another scenario. I will then wait to see if they pick where they left off on the first question. It really shows their thought process and troubleshooting skills. If they can't handle it, then desktop support is not for them.

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Do you smoke?

by pmallows In reply to What do you ask in an int ...

Can you ask that? Also, can you ask how many work days did you miss in the last 12 months ?(for any reason except vacation). Just my 2 cents based on many years in the business hiring young guns.

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Probably not...

by mckinnej In reply to Do you smoke?

You're definitely into gray area. I think a lawyer could easily tie that to asking about health and other personal information that is forbidden territory. I believe all you could do in this regard is state that the company policy is no smoking on company property. Beyond that we have no authority or right.

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Here are some resources on TechRepublic you might find useful

by Peter Spande In reply to What do you ask in an int ...

10 extra questions to help you make the best help desk hire

13 useless interview questions? and what you should ask instead

And there are some good "what not to ask" items here
and here
Good luck!

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generic "tough" interview questions from books are stupid

by vaspersthegrate In reply to Here are some resources o ...

To ask an applicant those dumb questions culled from the cul de sacs of books on interviewing: stupid.

Why can't employers use their brains and imaginations and ask specific questions focused on actual events in the job?

"How would you handle a DDoS attack?"

rather than: "do you prefer solo or team work?"

Every smart applicant will say, "I'm good at both and like a mix of independent work, plus some group projects"...which is what almost every job has!

Ha ha ha.

Thanks for these TechRepublic resources, friend.

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Basic Technical questions and Communication Skills

by sujit1215 In reply to What do you ask in an int ...

I think you should ask the basic technical questions like what is DHCP,DNS,TCP/IT,Networking protocols,Active directory etc.Also most important for a IT Helpdesk person is to have good communication skills and be cool headed to handle irate or angry user's. You could give him a scenario and ask him how he would react to it.Also he should a very good team member, becoz Helpdesk requires high level co-ordination between the team to handle diff kinds of issues/escalations etc.
Hope my reply has helped a bit for your selection.

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ask what they'd do in a given situation

by vaspersthegrate In reply to What do you ask in an int ...

I think the best questions are those that strip the applicant to the bone ethically and professionally.

Thus, ask what they'd do to solve a specific, typical or potential problem, a real event your enterprise has experienced or expects.

Here is how you will find out not just what training and education he or she has, but *far* more importantly: how fast they think when on the sword tip, how they can implement their know-how.

Implementation is the key, not training or education. Without implementation intelligence, based on case studies or actual experience, the expertise means little.

Ask *many* of these tech situation questions, not just "what would you do if you saw another employee stealing or sexually harrassing someone?"

Throw away the template interviews and create your own customized, company-specific, focused questionnaire.

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RE: What do you ask in an interview?

by vigilante_3391 In reply to What do you ask in an int ...

I never like any interview; the normal question and answers session fullstop
I used broad level presentation-style interviewing process such as assessment of competencies of their behaviours/values (30%), technical (50% for technical position) and business competencies/presentation (20%).
To do that, I need to design a casestudy for the interviewees to go to different rooms separately and lay down their proposal of case studies given earlier in 45 mins.
Benefit of presentation style interview that we not only assess their technical competencies (for technical position) but also observe their behaviour/values as well as their business mindset in their presentation with style. We can ask as many questions as you like about their business proposal out of the case studies so you dont have to scrath your head to look for technical questions. You can really see their potentials and who has got more competencies in what area. You don't want to employ criminals (behaviour/values) for the interview though the technical is 100% competent?
It works..
Happy interview...

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I like your approach vigilante_33**

by vaspersthegrate In reply to RE: What do you ask in an ...

The test scenario, asking them what they'd do in a specific, realistic, typical or expected situation, this is really good.

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Thanks very much

by tra072011 In reply to RE: What do you ask in an ...


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