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What do you get when a ITSP guy becomes in-house IT? Unfortunately me...

By Wheezey ·
(For more detailed info about me check bio)

I'm a new IT Admin- literally new (3weeks) in both aspects of time and position. I have a live network and a few servers now under my control, but have no knowledge of what needs to be done and in what order. From all that I've read, this is where I want to start:

-Documentation of Network
-Structure of my domain- server roles and set up

I'm looking to learn about what's entailed with domains, forests, roots, AD, Terminal Services, W2003 SBS, W2008, GP, and on. So first things first, I'm trying to understand my servers roles and if they are even set up correctly. It's come to my attention that the administrator that I followed hadn't had things set up correctly (management's assessment).

Any paths that I could be pointed to or if you'd like to know what I have so far for helping me discover and manage would be great!

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The other side of documentation

by Wheezey In reply to Documentation: Both digit ...

I've been looking around for good network map program. Here's what I envision doing, see if it matches something you know:
-Doesn't have to be graphical (if so, great)
-Document Subnets with active IP addresses
-Document Hostnames and device information

I'm looking to record make, model, roles (both hardware roles and virtual roles), hostnames, MAC's, location, installed date, last serviced date, and more.

Here's some programs that have popped up that look good:

-Solarwinds, IP Address Tracker
-Network Inventory Expert

If I don't find something, I'm resorting to an Excel and Visio method...

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We used Track-it way back when

by NickNielsen In reply to The other side of documen ...

It was pretty good, with integrated inventory and outage tracking. I don't know if it's any good any more or if the cost is in your price range. It's available from <a href="">Numara Software</a>.

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