what does PREINSTALLED Windows 7 mean?

By katiejo43 ·
my boyfriend and I bought a asus laptop from bestbuy two weeks ago. Just found out yesterday windows 7 only comes preinstalled!!! When I asked the nerd at bestbuy if it came with windows 7 he said yes... Now I am finding out I have to pay 150 to get it fully installed after I just spend so much money on this laptop...
what does it mean it's preinstalled?
what will happen if I don't fully install in sixty days?
is that right of best buy to sell me a laptop with only trial software and not tell me?
is there a cheaper solution or another option?
please help I'm a makeup artist and hair stylist... I know little about computers! I feel like bestbuy is taking advantage... And finding any reason to tax more! Obama must be running bestbuy... Lol cuz they try to find any reason to cgarge more and take your hard earned money!!!!
thanks so much
katie jo :-)

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It seems to be included with our Lenovos

by Neon Samurai In reply to Yar, THAT sounds like Off ...

Every now and then I find traces left behind after our contractor preps the latest Lenovo purchase. O2007 trial is definitely out there in the "value add" bundle.

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It's on every OEM I've seen for the last couple years.

by seanferd In reply to It seems to be included w ...

HP and Dell is mostly what I run into.

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every laptop/netbook I've seen has it

by .Martin. In reply to It's on every OEM I've se ...

HP, Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, Acer, Asus

haven't had a chance to look at Lenovo, MSI, Samsung. but I expect the same.

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OK, I'll ignore the irrational bits.

by seanferd In reply to what does PREINSTALLED Wi ...

Preinstalled: Means it is already installed on your computer when you buy it, like most computers.

If it is already installed, I don't understand at all what you need to pay $150 for. It is already on there.

Now, if you mean you want to upgrade from Win 7 Home or whatever to Win 7 Ultimate, yeah, it'll cost you more.

If you have no interest in upgrading, you're already there. Done.

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DO it Yourself

by Caffeene In reply to what does PREINSTALLED Wi ...

That is probably a setup fee, you can install it yourself just by following the prompts. Don't pay the fee as it is easy for even a novice.

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RE: what does it mean it's preinstalled?

by OH Smeg In reply to what does PREINSTALLED Wi ...

It means that ASUS has done what M$ call a OPK Install where you have to enter your User Name, Password if you want one, Master Password again if you want one and finally the Product Key which is a 25 Digit Alpha Numeric String letters and numbers located on the COA a sticker with the Version of Windows 7 always located on the bottom of the Lap Top.

Though if you are anything like me you'll need a magnifying glass to read the Product Key.

After you have entered your Personal Details you will need to Activate the OS with M$ within 28 Days of first starting the completed Installed OS, this can be done one of two ways Activate On Line takes a few seconds but you do need a active Internet connection to do this or you can chose to Activate Manually over the Phone where you speak to a person or do as M$ want enter the Product Key through a Touch Phone's Key Pad. The System will then generate a Activation Code which is a One Time only use which you enter into the Boxes provided on the screen.

You will be Prompted to Register Windows 7 with M$ but this isn't necessary if you don't want to do it. Just Activating the Windows 7 Product is all that is required.

As for a 60 Day Limit this is M$ Office 2007 Trial which is installed onto all new Systems by the system builders to show what else is available in the form of Microsoft Software. M$ Office has no relation to M$ Windows other than you need the Windows OS to run the Office Product. Office 2007 Trial consists of Applications Word, Power Point, Outlook, Excel, Access and maybe Publisher. I'm not sure about the last one as I don't use M$ Office 2007 because it uses a different File Format for it's Documents which may not be possible to read on another computer without the M$ Office 2007 Suite installed.

To me the quoted $150.00 sounds very much like the cost of a M$ Office 2007 License which is a Optional Extra that can be purchased after you buy a computer if you like. You don't need to use it unless you require those Applications and even then the Desk Top Icon clearly Identifies the Version of Office that you have as a 60 Day Trial.

If you don't want to pay for the M$ Office Suite there are other Office Suites available with Open Office being the free option which may or may not suit your needs.

Think of M$ office as the Optional Air Conditioning that you can get with a new car. You don't need that option installed to use the car but it may make the use of the car more comfortable for you.


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