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What does TechRepublic do worst?

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
So, crazy notion #437: What should TR stop doing?

As I'm plowing through a book on design philosophy, I keep running into a lot of dumb decisions TR has made along the way, at least as far as feature development and design go. I won't list them here (not today, anyway), because I'm more interested in what other people think.

What is the one feature that TechRepublic can and should discontinue offering because it's a complete waste of time and we're bad at it anyway? (Don't say site ads; we have to pay our bills.) If you were to pick any one item from our top site navigation and tear it out, never to return, what would it be?

* Workspace
* Newsletters
* Discussions
* Tech Q&A
* Blogs
* Downloads
* News
* Member Profiles (people)
* White Papers
* Reviews
* Books & CDs
* TechProGuild
* Links
* Suggestions
* History
* Projects
* Contacts

Post your selections, and the reasons for your choices. I'm seriously curious to hear what people think we're terrible at.

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People and TRGuild

by BFilmFan In reply to What does TechRepublic do ...

I've never used either and consider myself a fairly experienced TR Peer.

My third choice is to redo the Tech Q&A area, since it appears that a number of folks are still never rating points, asking the same question over and over, etc. (Old rant I know buddy).

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Q&A Points & Top scorer's list

by maxwell edison In reply to People and TRGuild

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I think TR should bring back the top Q&A scorers list, recognizing the people who answer the most (accepted) questions. I went on a rampage answering questions until I reached the top of that list. After I got there, I slowed down, and finally quit answering all together; and today, I might not even be in the top five. That's the best forum for one member helping another, and that should be recognized.

And even though the points were (and still are) of the Drew Carey variety (worthless), they still put someone's name on the marquee. And most people, if given a choice, would rather see their name in lights than have a coffee mug.

TR should bring back the Top Five Scorer's list. (Or top ten? Maybe I'd still be on that one!)

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na, a coffee cup

by dawgit In reply to Q&A Points & Top scorer's ...

I'd rather have a coffe cup, far more usefull. I'm not here to see 'my' name (although it is nice to get feed-back), I'm here to learn, participate, and maybe help when I think I can. I find the rating thing curious anyway, but I wouldn't remove it, it does serve a purpose. As for the coffe cup, that should come back.!.

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Right, it revives things

by rob mekel In reply to Q&A Points & Top scorer's ...

and brings more live into TR/more action.


edited for title correction

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Q&A Points & Top scorer's ...

AND they should give the Top Scorers Last Week, Yesterday, etc.

Top Outstanding Questions are one thing, but maybe sorted by Top Points Giver (Like a rating on how well people actually close and divvy...)

I used to answer a lot, but by the time I had started, many people were no longer awarding points. I tried to answer only people who seemed likely to rate the posts, but that didn't work out too well, either.

Additionally, it's a kinda negative aspect to have a list of "rejected" percentages shown... You never want to show negatives when trying to grow. Just don't mention them at all.

Have Accepted Percentage and Percent Pending. Just ignore the rest.

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and about those points...

by Cactus Pete In reply to YES!

There is no point history, is there?

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by Bspeaker In reply to Q&A Points & Top scorer's ...

Why have a score about postings at all? I know that I'm not alone in the fact that no, I don't post much because I'm learning and I don't know the answers to many questions that are asked. I use TR as a resource to try and find out more information and to learn. I think TR should be about helping and learning not who has posted more times than anyone else. And if you make it a race about who has posted the most you might just get posts that are worthless instead of insightfull.

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by AmberHaze In reply to What does TechRepublic do ...

My vote would go for projects. I recently started a new project and thought I would check out the TR's projects facility. I quickly discovered it was a waist of time since it did not allow me most of the management capabilities offered by project clearing houses such as Freshmeat just to name a major player in this area.

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by dawgit In reply to Projects

Where is that? I can't find it.

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by Old Guy In reply to Projects?

It's in My Workspace with a pull down menu to add projects. I've never used it either but it's there.

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