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What Driver Downloader to use???

By cdwright1 ·
I have An Acer Aspire 3680-2022 notebook I bought used with Windows 7 ultimate upgrade.
It's supposed to have the 3in1 card reader but it's not reading any memory cards.
I opened up device mgr. The icon for mass storage controller needed attention. So I tried to update driver... No driver to update- driver is missing.
I've tried a few driver updaters but they all want to be paid to activate after the initial scan. I don't want to pay for software if I can't use it or it won't work!
What driver installer do you recommend? I'm not officially a tech though I am pretty savvy.
If there is free driver software that I can use without having to pay for registering; It would be even better since I just paid $50.00 for a 16gb flash memory card and I have to buy a replacement battery! But other than all that the laptop's great! So please, no comments about getting my money back!!

Thank You,

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by cdwright1 In reply to 16GB = SDHC . . .

I returned the card for the refund today. Decided that I shouldn't be spending $$ on an accessory that I can't use (yet)...
I have the card that came with my Acer Aspire One. It works in my other laptop,(But not this one) which is Acer Aspire 5515 (I like Acer laptops). I'll use that card to tweak out the issues with this Acer 3680.
My notebook DOES read the Sandisk usb flash.. Do you think maybe my issue is that I should stick to Sandisk products and buy a Sandisk memory card?


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Storage Controller

by TheChas In reply to What Driver Downloader to ...

Well, starting over from the top.

The storage controller driver issue has nothing to do with your memory card reader.

The TI card reader chip on my Acer shows up in device manager as "Memory technology driver". Under that is "Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Integrated Flash Media Controller".

Under "Storage controllers" is "Microsoft iSCSI Initiator". Running Windows Update and checking the optional software should allow you to fix the "Storage controller" issue.

You may also need to update the Intel chip-set driver.

When I view devices by connection, the Texas Instruments Flash Media Controller shows up just like it was a PCI plug-in card in a desktop.

It appears that the TI chip runs both the Flash Reader and the PCMCIA socket. The actual driver file for the Flash function is listed as tifm21.sys, dated 2006.

As stated by Who Am I, at least part of your issue is that this Card Reader does not support SDHC cards.

Your only option to use your 16GB SDHC card is to use an external card reader.

If you want to use the built in reader, you will need to find none SDHC cards which will be 2GB or less.


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by cdwright1 In reply to Storage Controller

It doesn't support SDHC, are there cards that aren't SDHC that it would support? I ran Windows Update but the only thing left under optional updates are the language packs. I already have the latest intel driver on here, according to driver mgmnt when I tried to update the driver. I do have tifm21.sys. dated 2006, so restoring to previous versions is out...

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Standard SD Cards

by TheChas In reply to ANOTHER CARD??

You should still be able to find standard SD cards, as older cameras will not accept the new SDHC cards either.

Newegg lists a number of 2GB standard SD cards from $5 to $12.


I doubt the link will work. Under Flash Memory, expand the option for type and select Secure Digital.

Staples web site lists a PNY 2GB card and a HP 2GB card with a thumb drive.

As to the iSCSI driver, it's purpose is to help you connect to SAN devices. My presumption would be that the "tech" who installed the Windows 7 upgrade did not take care of the iSCSI driver issue either. A version of iSCSI is bundled with Windows 7. iSCSI is an optional add-on for older versions of Windows.

If you don't use a Storage Area Network, you don't need the iSCSI initiator.

If this was my system, I would create a restore point and then uninstall the storage controller from device manager. It should either install on the reboot, or you don't need it.


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by cdwright1 In reply to Standard SD Cards

I don't think I should uninstall storage controller; I have virtual pc for xp mode. Doesn't that use the storage controller?

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Device Error?

by TheChas In reply to XP MODE

I thought you stated that there was an error for the storage controller in device manager.

I would have to research if you need the storage controller for XP mode.

Post back with the specific error or error code for the storage controller.


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Research Unneccessary??

by cdwright1 In reply to Device Error?

No, it IS for device mgr for sd memory card.
I don't think I have a problem with xp mode yet as I only have it to use my hp deskjet 560c printer which isn't recognized by Vista, according to Microsoft.
I was just concerned that uninstalling the storage controller might make xp mode unusable?

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by cdwright1 In reply to What Driver Downloader to ...

My other laptop had Realtek installed. Realtek is compatible for Windows 7... Should I install Realtek to this one?? Just found out that my 3rd laptop (ASPIRE 5515)can't read cards- no slot. That's a correction on one of my entries!

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Realtek driver won't do anything for a TI device . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to REALTEK

and might cause other undesired problems

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by cdwright1 In reply to Realtek driver won't do a ...

In my earlier reply, I explained that I returned that 16gb card to the store.
I know Realtek came installed on my other laptop, which reads cards fine. When I checked out their official site, I read that system requirements were VISTA/XP/WINDOWS7.
If it's compatible with both my original OS (Vista) and my current OS (Windows 7), what risks could I face that I don't normally face trying to install any random software download?

*Adding my thanks to you and everyone else for trying to help me out and patiently answering my questions!!

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