What else can be causing an XP Pro system to be slow?

By luv2bike2 ·
XP PRO, SP 3, MS Updates all installed. 1.96 Gb of RAM. 3.20Ghz

It takes the system forever to boot up, the user finally logs in and it take forever before she can open up a program, (no matter what program it is: IE 8, AutoCAD, Explorer, MSCONFIG etc)
What I have done:
1) Installed and ran the following Scans:
Malwarebytes, Glary Utilites, Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware. some Malware, Spyware and Adware were found and removed.

2) Ran Trend Micro Anti Virus program and not viruses were found.

3) Ran SCANDISK, it took several hours (step 4 of 5 took over 6 1/2 hours to complete, it was still running when I left the office and I don't know how long step 5 took) and when I returned the next day the logon screen was up.

4) Defrag the hard drive - 2 times - both times it took forever.

5) went into MSCONFIG and unchecked all the startup programs and booted the system and still it is taking the system forever to boot up and login and do anything on the system.

6) Hard drive has over 95 GB of free space so space is not an issue

7) deleted the Temporary Internet Files.

checked Device Manager for conflicts and there are none.

What else can I do to check this system out before I format and install everything back on to the system. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!


PS. I updated all of the scan software in normal mode than ran the scans in SAFEMODE.
P.S.S I just went into Event Logs and tried to pull up the System Event log and it came back saying "The event log file is corrupt". hmmmm

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New HDD ?

by Laurent Spielmann In reply to What else can be causing ...

Sorry 'bout your "loss"...
The problem will probably be solved once the Dell tech's finished, but just to know (and maybe help someone else) :

Did you per chance put in a new HDD and clone the system on it ?

Because I did that not long ago, on a XP sp3 system, using a new 800 GB Western Digital HDD.

The computer then took ages to do anything, and I noticed lots of disk access, for not apparent reason.

After a quick investigation, I learned that XP does not natively cope with these new HDD (large cache, 64MB and all), and you'll have to fix the disk format (or format it properly before for e clean install)

WD for instance provides a free tool on their website.
It solved the problem.

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Reponse To Answer

by Who Am I Really In reply to New HDD ?

it's not the size of the Cache that causes the problem you're describing
the cache size could be 2GB and it wouldn't cause the problem

WD drives with 64MB cache have what they call Advanced Format
which is 4KB sectors emulating 8 x 512Byte sectors which when formatted at offset 63 causes all sorts of problems due to the drive having to perform electronic gymnastics to do I/O

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by Laurent Spielmann In reply to What else can be causing ...

That's it.

I don't know why I formulated it this way, it didn't make any sense, since I was clearly talking about "formating"...

My memory must have associated the incriminated model's 64MB cache with the symptoms.

Thanks for correcting me.

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