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What everyone's forgetting about Linux is....

By ulrichburke ·
Nothing runs on it! It's got hardly any programs that work on it (yet). It can emulate Windows enough to fool some Windows progs to work on it, for sure. But it doesn't have anything much of its own.

The whole argument's sitting in the early days of Apple vs. Microsoft. If you're a geek who wants to look cool and virtuous and seem One Up on the Rest of the Computing Community, feel free to use Linux. You won't be able to get any work done much but hey, man, you'll look goood. If you want to get SOME work done and spend a WEDGE of cash on a machine that aint that fast, get an Applemac. You'll still look cool but you'll have a few more pieces of software (not counting Bootcamp!)

If you want to get a LOT of work done, on a fast machine that cost as much as an Imac but has higher specs all round, I'm afraid the world's still PC based. Like it or not, the vast majority of software is built to run on Windows. Emulated windows is always going to be slow and clunky and only some things will run on it. That goes for Bootcamp and the Linux equivalent, the name of which escapes me.

The other problem with Linux is it comes in SO many builds, you have to be Ubergeek to install it, let alone use it. It's WAAY back in the Seventies. Then, you had Apples, BBC Micros, Spectrums, Commodores, all similar, all with differences that meant you couldn't use their software on eachothers systems easily. Now, you can find programs that will only run on ONE PARTICULAR FLAVOUR of Linux. And it's not necessarily Red Hat or Ubuntu.

When Linux has got its act together so any Linux program can run on any Linux machine, when it's got at least as much software as there is for Applemacs, doing as many things, when it's got a decent GUI (Gnome 3 DOES look promising, have to say) then it will be worth looking at. Until then, you can bleat all you like about how safe it is, the bottom line is how USABLE an operating system is. And an operating system sans applications is, frankly, a waste of time. (I write computer music. Is there ANYTHING that would let me run Sampletank with Miroslav Orchestra and a decent notation package on a Linux machine? Nope, didn't think so.)

Sorry, Linux guys, the world is PC and will be for a long time to come.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Full of sound and fury...

A result of a bad day and I think we've all been guilty of that.

For the most part, within reason, I have to agree with the main tone. Geeks go on and on about 'nix and designers go on and on about MAC, howver both arguments are getting old and much weaker as MS continues to improve upon Windows. Win 7 is a damn good, user friendly, common and very compatible OS these days. Linux and MAC users still drone on and on about their superiority of choice as if they are unique, well in a way they are and that's whay their choice remains society's oddity in comparisson to Windows.

Unique in the sense of being unpopular anyway.

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What has me worried

by santeewelding In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

Is that Ulrich is talking about me and I what I don't remember. That's from the gitgo: right in the title of the post.

These crackers are getting so good they know about me what I don't know.

Or, it's a crock of shilt.

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by .Martin. In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

are priced pretty much the same as PC's, just the hardware in a Mac is much better than most of the stuff they have on display in a retail store, the high end media/gaming laptops have comparable specs and price to that of their mac counterpart.

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by santeewelding In reply to Macs

Draw back. Appreciate all this with a longer, wider view.

If you, too, are reduced to scavenging aluminum cans for your habit, I will understand.

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Whats your problem?

by DHCDBD In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

You really seem to have one. You fail to realize that much, if not most of the server world belongs to Linux. You have no idea how much of the software that you use everyday, outside of sitting down in front of a computer, is Linux based.

You have no idea.

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by santeewelding In reply to Whats your problem?

You have me worried, too.

No surprise.

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Sure he does

by Oz_Media In reply to Whats your problem?

I think it is pretty obvious who and what he was referring to. The fact that he didn't mention how Novell still weighs heavy in the European government server market is irrelevant too.

I'd say he's just read too many clowns going on and on about how Windows users and n00bs and fools while they are superior for using linux.

An obvious 'bad day' rant, and as I have said above, I think we've all been guilty of the same. Give the guy a break, we all vent sometimes.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

Y'all keep feeding that troll. I don't need to be conscious this weekend.

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This does have the look of....

by tbmay In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

...trolling but I'll assume it was sincere.

I often tire of Linux zealots but your post demonstrates a lack of understanding about the real value Linux and other unix-like systems.

I've been in the business a long time and my setup for clients breaks down like this.

Linux for servers inside the company firewall.

OpenBSD for the company firewall, VPN, etc.

MS Windows for user workstations.

Why these?

A samba server running on Debian stable will run until a piece of hardware dies. Happy client.

OpenBSD has perhaps the best security reputation in IT and it will run until the hardware dies; however, Linux performs better in file server roles and runs more service software in general, so OBSD is only the security device.

Windows is generally NOT replaceable for business desktops if you want to stay in business. I wish I could say otherwise but I'll give you that one.

And it doesn't really matter to me that it's not. At the end of the day my job is to see the clients can do their jobs. It's not to force technology they have no interest in learning on them.

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Well said

by NickNielsen In reply to This does have the look o ...

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