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What everyone's forgetting about Linux is....

By ulrichburke ·
Nothing runs on it! It's got hardly any programs that work on it (yet). It can emulate Windows enough to fool some Windows progs to work on it, for sure. But it doesn't have anything much of its own.

The whole argument's sitting in the early days of Apple vs. Microsoft. If you're a geek who wants to look cool and virtuous and seem One Up on the Rest of the Computing Community, feel free to use Linux. You won't be able to get any work done much but hey, man, you'll look goood. If you want to get SOME work done and spend a WEDGE of cash on a machine that aint that fast, get an Applemac. You'll still look cool but you'll have a few more pieces of software (not counting Bootcamp!)

If you want to get a LOT of work done, on a fast machine that cost as much as an Imac but has higher specs all round, I'm afraid the world's still PC based. Like it or not, the vast majority of software is built to run on Windows. Emulated windows is always going to be slow and clunky and only some things will run on it. That goes for Bootcamp and the Linux equivalent, the name of which escapes me.

The other problem with Linux is it comes in SO many builds, you have to be Ubergeek to install it, let alone use it. It's WAAY back in the Seventies. Then, you had Apples, BBC Micros, Spectrums, Commodores, all similar, all with differences that meant you couldn't use their software on eachothers systems easily. Now, you can find programs that will only run on ONE PARTICULAR FLAVOUR of Linux. And it's not necessarily Red Hat or Ubuntu.

When Linux has got its act together so any Linux program can run on any Linux machine, when it's got at least as much software as there is for Applemacs, doing as many things, when it's got a decent GUI (Gnome 3 DOES look promising, have to say) then it will be worth looking at. Until then, you can bleat all you like about how safe it is, the bottom line is how USABLE an operating system is. And an operating system sans applications is, frankly, a waste of time. (I write computer music. Is there ANYTHING that would let me run Sampletank with Miroslav Orchestra and a decent notation package on a Linux machine? Nope, didn't think so.)

Sorry, Linux guys, the world is PC and will be for a long time to come.


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Dude, are you thick?

by anjelkat16 In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

Dude. Lame. Linux can run nearly anything.
Ubuntu linux can run redhat packages. Download RPM and there you go. Same for SUSE running apt, and if all else fails, if the source is open it can always be recompiled. Did you even try linux before you wrote this? for more than a month, I mean? By the way, the "windows emulator" is called wine, and it is not an emulator, it's a compatability layer between linux and the windows API. It's not meant to run *all* windows software, that's what windows is for. Besides, you're missing the point. Linux doesn't have internet explorer (which really, who among us misses IE?) or WMP but everything else is just the bomb. Did you even check to see what was available from your package manager? I guarantee if you give linux a year of your life and truly get to know it, you'll never look back. it's not "Stuck in the seventees" at all. Compiz has been rocking transparency for a long time when win7 just got the memo people wanted something shinier. If you truly didn't find anything you like about linux, you owe it to yourself to look again. You simply must persevere. If it was too different from what you're used to, it's not linux's fault, it's just different. You don't have to be an ubergeek to use or install it (you don't even have to install it to use it. how cool is that?) Although a couple lin nazis would prolly prefer if you thought that. If you didn't take the time to actually look into what linux can do for you, and it's obvious you didn't since wine escapes you. (it's four letters. easy to remember) then why are you even bashing it? You gotta learn to truly give something a chance before writing it off.

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i would have believed you...

by lavezarez In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

if not for the 120 companies using Ubuntu - and that list was way back 2008.

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Your doing it wrong

by Kasuko In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

There is TONS of software out there that runs on Linux, that doesn't include 100% of the Windows programs and in my opinion very very rarely are they ever needed and a replacement can't do in it's place if not better.

Now since the majority of the world uses Windows that doesn't make it the best, in this specific case it just means everyone is wrong.

Windows has one thing going for it, it's expensive!

That's it, most people have this weird idea in their head that if it's not expensive it's not quality. Not true about linux. Then after you give MS all your money the spend it forcing their monopoly upon everyone. When was the last time Canonical forced someone to carry ONLY them?

So after years of no one having a choice BUT windows this creates the lovely world we live in today where there is no pressure to innovate and grow, look and Windows Vista, and most people just rolled over and took it.

This doesn't even take into account the amount of freedoms that you gain with using linux that yes, the normal run of the mill Joe doesn't care about giving up but SHOULD care.

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Did someone mention

by santeewelding In reply to Your doing it wrong

"normal run of the mill Joe"?

I'm all ears, *** hole. That is, if you have an original word to say for me to hear.


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From a proud Linux User

by JimDJ In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

First off I want to say I disagree with you completely. I have been A linux convert for almost a year and everything i did under windows i now do under linux. And dont think that I didnt do anything under windows. Actually i probably get more done under linux because windows is so ssllloooowwwww compared to linux. as far as software goes more and more software is coming out for linux. Why? because everyone is getting sick of windows crap. OK a few programs that i have found for linux, google earth, skype, (a couple winblows progs). in my experience if you really want to get something done and not have to pay out the but to do it you run linux, if you want to jump thru all the hoops that the companies say you are supposed to jump thru run windows.

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Red Star (Linux) is the North Korean OS #1

by Koreysun In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

I've spent last 2 years trying to install L to my (now old) PC ? nVidia raid. I've just succeeded installing Mandriva 2010.0 (trough a bug, 2010.1-rc can't be installed). This is not my fav distro! Fedora sees the raid but the installer does not. The bug that allowed Ubuntu to be installed ?libata.ignore_hpa=0? have been taken care of ? dmraid is deinstalled during install and the new one you have to install won't work (it disables one of the disks in the raid ? the hpa bug reintroduced). The reason for this is I believe the NDA some L programmers signed in order to add nV raid support to the kernel. M 2010.0 will install using dmraid then it'll offer to remove not needed drivers ? look at the list! It will deinstall dmraid! Uncheck 'removal of not needed drivers' and M 2010.0 will start up and run just fine (missed it the first time around).

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Time to update your FUD

by Rex1Ballard In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

The average Linux distribution now has over 3000 applications INCLUDED - at no extra charge. Many of these applications are also baseline versions of more feature-loaded commercial software, such as Eclipse which is also the foundation for Rational, Lotus, and WebSphere IDEs - not to mention a few thousand eclipse plug-ins - many "for price".

The common tactic of Microsoft Advocates is to try and compare very expensive software to the freebie versions included with Linux. For example
PhotoShop ($1500) to GIMP ($0)
Visio (700) to Dia ($0)
Microsoft Word ($200) to OpenOffice Writer(0)
Excel ($200) to Calc ($0)
PowerPoint ($200) to Impress ($0)
MS-Project($800) to planner ($0)
SQL Server($500) to MySQL ($0)
Excel ($100) to Base ($0)

Most new applications are being written in platform independent Java. Often on Linux, since the Linux classes don't invoke NMI from class libraries.

Applications written to Linux APIs run on Linux, Mac, AND Windows.

Many Linux frameworks are available for Windows - such as Cygwin.

Linux can be run as a VM on Windows
Windows can be run as a VM on Linux (and runs faster than in native mode - especially on larger memory.

You can use 64 bit Linux to run 32 bit Windows. Linux provides the buffering, read-ahead, and a more seek-efficient file system, so that the 1-2 gig of RAM you allocate to Windows can be used more efficiently - since Windows is now effectively doing most disk accesses directly from RAM buffers filled by Linux.

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But... (Sadly)

by jdunmire In reply to Time to update your FUD

After a long day at work (in the IT field).

When I get home and wanna just veg out and play some games.... I can't do it on my Fedora Core box or my RHEL box.

I do it on my venerable, but reliable, Windows XP machine..... because 99.9% of all the current and decent games are made for Windows, that is just a fact.

And I wouldn't own a toy console to save my life !

When, if, the game software houses can make games that work (reliably) on all X distros in native mode (no emulators etc.) then I would gladly use X as my main goto system.

I don't see this happening.... mostly because they have very little incentive to do that.

People will use what they:

1. Want/like too.
2. Need too.
3. Can afford.
4. Are comfortable with.

I like Linux, I like Windows, even Macs.

Use what you want but don't bash others for what they use. You can educate others and you can make suggestions, but in the end they will do what they are gunna do.

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by Jaqui In reply to But... (Sadly)

blame the game companies for not supporting the os, not the os because the game companies won't support it.
the FLAW is in the game makers.
or adobe
or apple [ both of whom also do not make their software for linux ]

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Not Entirely true

by ramannanda9 In reply to What everyone's forgettin ...

See you maybe right that not everything works on linux but most applications that user needs do work.

Kubuntu and Ubuntu are much more user friendly and have great gui's than versions you have worked upon earlier.

Softwares can be found by doing a look up in their package manager.

And don't forget about the viruses that come with windows :-)

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