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What Fads would you like to see again and which are you glad are gone?

By Surflover ·
I wrote a minor novel last night on my blog related to the economic parallel to Forest Gump and it forced me to reminisc on the fad that I have seen come and go during my life. These are some that come to mind... What are your favorites?

I'd like to see these come back;

1. Hot Pants (probably would be high on most guy's lists :^O)

2. True Muscle cars (and the cheap gas to run them) the SS396 Chevelle, the Hemi Cuda, the GTO Judge, Hurst 442, The Mach I Mustang.

3. Form fitting skirts with seamed stockings (from the 40's I think... VERY hot ;-))

I'm glad these are gone;

1. Leisure suits

2. Big Afros

3. Platform shoes

4. Guys with gold chains and open (spread) collars

5. Halter tops (very un-flattering to most women)

...although, with all the fake ones today, I might have to re-think that last one :^O

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by JamesRL In reply to What Fads would you like ...

Things I am glad are gone;
Corduroy suits for men(had a powder blue one)
Flamboyant coloured silk shirts for me(had one)
Knit ties
Anything disco
K Cars/Mustang IIs/Pinto/Vega

What I would like to see back.
More mom and pop stores/restaurants, fewer Walmarts/MacDonalds


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by IT Lifer In reply to Add

You're right, James... but you gotta admit.. we looked great in those corduroy suits when they were new. And the flambuoyant silk disco shirts were fun, anyway! Stupid as all ****, but fun.

In the early 60s I wore jeans that were so tight (and pegged!) that it was a major struggle gettin out of them every night. Made sense to me. My Dad said it was idiocy, but what the **** did he know? He wore his pants up inside his armpits, and I was cool.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Add

Yes, there's something to be said about a restaurant where you go in, sit down, and get waited on. Depending on where you are, it can take awhile to find one of those.

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Am I out of fashion?

by IT Lifer In reply to What Fads would you like ...

What?? Leisure suits, afros, AND gold chains are all OUT now?? Crap... and I just spent $29.95 on a great powder blue nehru-jacket leisure suit thing.

You might not recall this, but for an all too brief moment in time (early 1960s) some of the "elite" fashion mongers showed up at cocktail parties in see-thru plastic clothes (like saran wrap) and also in topless gowns.

I guess I could see that come back for a while.

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Actually lifer

by Surflover In reply to Am I out of fashion?

I went to a retro party in Maimi a couple years back and about a dozen of the girls there were wearing clear plastics (one was whole body ;-))... it was interesting, but I think I prefer leaving something (a little anyways) to the imagination.

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Starsky and Hutch flashback

by Mickster269 In reply to What Fads would you like ...

What's bad after reading all the other responces ...

Not only do we agree, but we are all guilty of commiting those fashion crimes ourselves!

I had a 1971 Plymouth RoadRunner in high school. My friends drove GTO's, Firebirds, Camaro's, etc. I now work a company that produces software for Automobile dealerships. 2 years ago, we gave calenders to all of our clients, with pictures of "Antique Muscle Cars".

Yep, they were all from the 60's and 70's - and I had ridden in each one of them, or knew someone who had owned one of them.


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Muscle cars

by cp7212 In reply to What Fads would you like ...

I have to agree with the North American cars. I'd like a '69 Firebird while we're dreaming. The European cars are nice and powerful, but I just want pure cubic inch displacement, lots of it. (I know I'm disagreeing with my gasoline post, but we are dreaming, right?)

I had a '77 Firebird Esprit with a 350 big block. Oh man, I miss that car. My girlfriend hated that car. We used to get into fights about it and I think she really started hating it when I told her the car warmed up faster than she did. heh heh

As far as what I don't want to come back? Just about anything and everything associated with the eighties.

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Ronald Reagan

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Muscle cars

cp wrote "As far as what I don't want to come back? Just about anything and everything associated with the eighties."
However, there is one thing from the 1980s I would like to see again, a president like Ronald Reagan.

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And John Wayne too

by M_a_r_k In reply to Ronald Reagan

And I miss watching ol' Walter Cronkite do the nightly news.

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I miss the Frito Bandito

by Montgomery Gator In reply to And John Wayne too

But the Frito-Lay corporation had to remove him from their advertising campaign due to "political correctness". :-(

I'm of English/Celtic/Norse ancestry, and I don't complain when characters of those backgrounds are in advertising campaigns, even if they are portrayed as theives and brigands (Robin Hood, Dennis Moore), pillagers (Vikings), etc., so why would people be upset about the Frito Bandito?

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