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What Fads would you like to see again and which are you glad are gone?

By Surflover ·
I wrote a minor novel last night on my blog related to the economic parallel to Forest Gump and it forced me to reminisc on the fad that I have seen come and go during my life. These are some that come to mind... What are your favorites?

I'd like to see these come back;

1. Hot Pants (probably would be high on most guy's lists :^O)

2. True Muscle cars (and the cheap gas to run them) the SS396 Chevelle, the Hemi Cuda, the GTO Judge, Hurst 442, The Mach I Mustang.

3. Form fitting skirts with seamed stockings (from the 40's I think... VERY hot ;-))

I'm glad these are gone;

1. Leisure suits

2. Big Afros

3. Platform shoes

4. Guys with gold chains and open (spread) collars

5. Halter tops (very un-flattering to most women)

...although, with all the fake ones today, I might have to re-think that last one :^O

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halter tops can come back

by antuck In reply to What Fads would you like ...

I kind of liked the halter tops. Especially if the halter top was a bit bigger then needed :) I just liked the way everthing moved.

I would love to see some of the older muscle cars come back. Although, the newer versions they have now are much nicer. They will at least stop better. Nothing more nerve racking they getting the car up to a 100mph in a few seconds, but trying to stop with those drum brakes YIKES.

I hope they have burned any paper with any type of thought on lisure suits. Man did I HATE those things.

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Halter tops should only be worn by those licensed to do so

by DMambo In reply to halter tops can come back

Same goes for terry cloth shorts, bicycle pants, spike heeled go-go boots and well, anything tighter than a mu-mu.

I know this will upset Maxwell, but I think there should be an official goverment agency issuing the permits for these and protecting the rights of men to not be subjected to tight-clothes abuse.

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Halter tops

by M_a_r_k In reply to halter tops can come back

"Especially if the halter top was a bit bigger then needed"
A bit smaller than needed is pretty good too. But like surfer said, a lot of women had no bizness wearing a halter top but they did so anyway. Ugh! We men should have revolted against such a blatant crime against humanity.

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by Surflover In reply to Halter tops

Living in south FL, you are also treated to women who wear bikini's to the beach (and anywhere in public) who should be arrested... I think the manufacturers should be fined for every bikini they make that's larger than a respectable size. Some of these are worse than men in speedos!!!!

...I'm not good with women's sizes, and I want to allow for the "reubenesq" women as well, but I've seen some lateley that resemble a two man dome tent, with four people in it

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Agree on restrictions

by antuck In reply to BIkini FINES

I would aggree there does need to be some kind of restriction. Bikinis or halter tops only work on certain women.

We have a lady up the street from us that sun bathes in there driveway. Sounds nice huh?? except that the woman has to be 200lbs and is wearing a bikini size 2 or 3 times too small. Talk about needing a law in place to BAN this type of eye abuse.

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come and gone

by ITgirli In reply to What Fads would you like ...

I would like to see body piercings head out. I like tattoos and all, but the piercing thing is not attractive. "Look! I can have a hole in my tongue and a speach impediment!" or "Look! It's like something is growing out of my belly button!"
I would like to see a return of the true feeling of America, the safety of being able to let your kids play outside without worrying if they will still be there if you go inside just to use the bathroom, the small town feeling that was everywhere, the true essence of America.

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Hats for men and Bubble Umbrellas

by DMambo In reply to What Fads would you like ...

My old man used to wear a hat to work every day. I always thought that was cool. It was the kind that Bob Newhart wore on his original TV show.

Bubble umbrellas, the type that surrounded your whole head and shoulders. It was like a personal Cone of Silence. I thought these were very practical, except they couldn't be shared.

BTW - Don Adams - R.I.P.

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Good riddance to...

by M_a_r_k In reply to What Fads would you like ...

In men's clothing styles, plaid pants, bell bottoms and shoes with big heels (I guess those would sorta be platform shoes). And that horrible gooopy greasy hair styling crap. Remember Brylcreem and Score? Vitalis advertised themselves as the "dry look" or something like that.

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Two Wild and Crazy Guys!!

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Good riddance to...

Your post reminded me of the old Saturday Night Live skit with Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd, where they dressed in the plaid bell bottoms, big heels, open shirts with medallions, and disco hats, and talked about the bulges in their pants.

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he he

by TonytheTiger In reply to Good riddance to...

What about hai karate aftershave? :)

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