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What Fads would you like to see again and which are you glad are gone?

By Surflover ·
I wrote a minor novel last night on my blog related to the economic parallel to Forest Gump and it forced me to reminisc on the fad that I have seen come and go during my life. These are some that come to mind... What are your favorites?

I'd like to see these come back;

1. Hot Pants (probably would be high on most guy's lists :^O)

2. True Muscle cars (and the cheap gas to run them) the SS396 Chevelle, the Hemi Cuda, the GTO Judge, Hurst 442, The Mach I Mustang.

3. Form fitting skirts with seamed stockings (from the 40's I think... VERY hot ;-))

I'm glad these are gone;

1. Leisure suits

2. Big Afros

3. Platform shoes

4. Guys with gold chains and open (spread) collars

5. Halter tops (very un-flattering to most women)

...although, with all the fake ones today, I might have to re-think that last one :^O

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Or Brute

by Ldyosng In reply to he he


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What about "Hai Karate" ?

by Mickster269 In reply to Or Brute

And the commercials?

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I thought of another one

by M_a_r_k In reply to What Fads would you like ...

Remember when guys' short pants really were short? It wasn't that long ago. I'm glad they're gone. Like halter tops with women, a lot of guys should have been wearing two pair of long pants instead of those short shorts. Just watch clips on ESPN Classic of a basketball game from the '80s. They look stupid now. There's this one guy at the gym where I work out that is still living in 1985. He wears those 1984-style short shorts. It looks even worse on him cuz he's a long-legged dope. He's gross. A long-legged gross dope. I want to club that Rip Van Winkle guy over his dopey head and tell him to wake up and get a freakin' clue.

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by Surflover In reply to What Fads would you like ...

we need to outlaw men in speedos

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Not illegal, just licensed

by Ldyosng In reply to SPEEDOS

Speedos should be allowed by permit only. Heck, in some cases they should be mandated!

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the problem is Lydo...

by Surflover In reply to Not illegal, just license ...

just like the min skirts, hot pants, seamed stockings, halter tops... the people you'd WANT to license them to, dont wear them :^O

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Ah, the magic of being a woman

by Ldyosng In reply to the problem is Lydo...

It's amazing what a person will wear if they are asked nicely: especially if they realize it will be a win-win situation. Seamed stockings look better with longer skirts, BTW. Too short and the garters show. That's too tacky. But the surprise of realizing your elegantly turned out date is wearing something excitingly unexpected underneath, that only you know about because you held them close when dancing, makes for a delightful evening. A private SPEEDO showing at a secluded hot tub can be, um, quite stimulating!

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I couldn't agree more

by Surflover In reply to Ah, the magic of being a ...

Ah, realizing that magic is being lost on the younger generation... I found that a good way to "ask" was to take her shopping un-planned... All women know men hate to shop, so it's appreciated, and frequently ends up in the lingerie department ;-)

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Well done, sir

by Ldyosng In reply to I couldn't agree more
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by Montgomery Gator In reply to What Fads would you like ...

Glad mullets are gone (except in parts of Tennessee) and hope they never come back.

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