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What Fads would you like to see again and which are you glad are gone?

By Surflover ·
I wrote a minor novel last night on my blog related to the economic parallel to Forest Gump and it forced me to reminisc on the fad that I have seen come and go during my life. These are some that come to mind... What are your favorites?

I'd like to see these come back;

1. Hot Pants (probably would be high on most guy's lists :^O)

2. True Muscle cars (and the cheap gas to run them) the SS396 Chevelle, the Hemi Cuda, the GTO Judge, Hurst 442, The Mach I Mustang.

3. Form fitting skirts with seamed stockings (from the 40's I think... VERY hot ;-))

I'm glad these are gone;

1. Leisure suits

2. Big Afros

3. Platform shoes

4. Guys with gold chains and open (spread) collars

5. Halter tops (very un-flattering to most women)

...although, with all the fake ones today, I might have to re-think that last one :^O

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Bring back mullets

by DMambo In reply to Mullets

Much like McGyver, I had a good head of hair for a mullet. But now, even if it grows a little bit long in the back, my wife starts barking. Of course, with the bald spot (or as my 13-year old says, I have to call it a bald "area") a mullet is slightly less flattering.

The hair cut that should never come back is the 90's mushroom cap look.

BTW, mullets are still popular in parts of North Tennessee, or as many call it, Canada.

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Not in the big cities

by JamesRL In reply to Bring back mullets

Montreal fancies itself a fashionista city, and the women do live up to it, but even so you won't find any mullets. Nor will you see many in uptight business oriented Toronto (with the exception of tow truck drivers).

You may find them in the rural areas. Be on the lookout for those with confederate flags, playing CCR or Lynyrd Skynryd at full blast, but as its Canada, no fully populated gun racks are allowed.

Big hint - go to the county fair and attend the demolition derby if you want to give a city person a real taste of mullet culture....


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Beg to differ

by DMambo In reply to Not in the big cities

I've been to a some Habs games in recent years, well back at the "Molson Centre", so a few years back, and saw several mullets. I will grant you that these were not worn by the fashionista crowd. Nor were they the Billy Ray Cyrus types mentioned earlier, but more of the "just over the collar" variety. Since it's been a while, I will accept your statement as being a reflection of current hair fashion. Too bad. It was the best haircut since the Syd Vicious/Billy Idol spike look.

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Bad combination

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Beg to differ

Hockey and Mullets. Put those two together and you guarantee 2 digit IQs.

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by Mickster269 In reply to Bad combination

Which 2 digits?

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2 Digit IQ's

by setantapc In reply to Uh...

Probably Binary....

Things I'd like to see return, like many males expressed interests in Halter tops and such frilly garbs on the correct frames.

Things I'm glad died.... GRIT TEETH dialup Internet .... remember .... dance from foot to foot... WOW I'm getting 5 k downloads...

And what's wrong with Corduroy outfits ?? I had a great pair of white cords with white vest and blue suede 6 " platform shoes... one envious stud called me "Mr Clean" however...


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"mullet culture" ?!?!?

by Ldyosng In reply to Not in the big cities

"What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"

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If your wife sees that .........................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Bring back mullets

You are going to suffer - big time and justifiably so, I might add.

Dawg ]:)

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When will people realize...

by DMambo In reply to If your wife sees that .. ...

that I am NOT afraid....hold it.....sorry, I thought that was her.....where was I...oh yes, I am NOT afraid of my wife.

I gotta get back to doing the dishes before she gets home.

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I won't tell her if you don't.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to When will people realize. ...

But, what's it worth, DangerMouse???


(grief, are you blushing again ALREADY?? I haven't started anything):8}

(Yet) ]:)


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