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What Five Policies Does Every Organization Need?

By Erik Eckel Contributor ·
Organizations have numerous policies. From Internet Use to Streaming Media to Telecommuting and more, clearly written policies make it easy to inform end users what behavior is acceptable in the workplace.

Whether you support restrictive or liberal versions, what five policies do you believe every organization should have in place?

Share your thoughts. In return, I'll publish sample templates on TechProGuild for the top five policies readers mention.

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Five must have for Education

by david In reply to Five Necessary Policies

1. Acceptable Use Policy
2. Email Policy
3. IT Loan Equipment Policy
4. Technology Purchase Policy - so every Tom, **** and Harry, who sees a bargin and goes and purchases for their faculty, eg: Standardisation of Technology Policy
5. Student Laptop Policy (for those institutes with Laptop Programs)

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5 policies

by jheath In reply to What Five Policies Does E ...

One of the most important policies to have that has not been mentioned is a disaster recovery policy.

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Systems Management

by BJBSR In reply to What Five Policies Does E ...

There are many,but IMHO the top ones are;

Problem management
(recognize, report, repair, review)

Change management
(review, prior notification to those effected, implementation and final review)

Security management
(Site security, backup and disaster recovery)

Performance management
(measure and improve, review)

Process management
(run books, education and review)

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e-mail, Computer use, Doc retention, Porn, Software & Data Ownership

by Tigerbright In reply to What Five Policies Does E ...

My top 5 are:
1). E-mail policy including the organization's right to monitor or inspect e-mails to limit liability.
2). Personal use of Company computer - including internet access use and company inspection of (their) hard drives.
3). Document Retention policy - including e-mail and document retention. Can we say Microsoft lawsuit as an example ?
4). Pornography policy - Kiddie porn has no place on my servers. Enough said.
5). Ownership of Software and Data ownership policy - could be rolled into the corporate policy on intellectual property rights. You might not like them, but it is a fact of life in any large organization that you sign away your patent rights.

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Only Five?

by 2support In reply to What Five Policies Does E ...

I don't know that I could get this up to 5 policies.
I feel that it should be be tailored to the organization, for example my organization is quite liberal (and needs to be because of our type of work - personal healthcare)
My policies in place are designed more toward lessing the impact of liberal use rather than controlling it. (ie Internet Radio sucks up bandwidth, don't use it)
We have a (very liberal) Acceptable Use Policy which blanket covers use of the hardware, software and internet/email access.
(in a nutshell - our hardware, our software, our internet, we pay for it, we own it, we let you use it, don't abuse it, don't lose it)
We have a Security policy (designed around HIPAA) that spells out acceptable use of company generated information.

The flip side here is that I have more policies that are in IT only, not necessarily part of the "organization". We are a relativley small shop (less than 100 users and computers)so my IT group is pretty small and intimate. Many policies are verbal, not written. Back Up/Recovery, Maintenance/Repair, and Security.

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