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What gross things have you found during PC cleanup

By CagedMonkey ·
OK, I know all of you out there have at one time or another found something repulsive when cleaning up a PC. What I want to know is what items have you found in/on a PC when a user complained something did not work.

Recently I was called to a users desk because they claimed the keyboard was not operating correctly. Many of the keys were sticking or just not working.

Well, I got to the user's desk and picked up the keyboard, turned it over to see what might shake loose. Lo-and-behold. Hundreds of fingernail clippings dropped out and deposited themselves onto the desk. I just left the pile there and asked them to clean it up. I was not about to touch any of it.

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mouse nest

by BERT.NEUTEL In reply to What gross things have yo ...

Years ago when I was doing a PM at a client (print shop) I was taking the cover all of the PCs (Olivetti M24s, am I dating myself or what!)and sucking up the paper dust with a vacuum. One of the machines had a mouse nest with the mother and half a dozen or more little ones in it.

The owner of this particular machine, a partner in the firm, a real lady, stopped her complaints about how we were just charging her firm for needless service. After a lengthy pause I asked her if she would mind being a reference for our PM service. She shakily agreed.

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A few years ago

by luther_world In reply to What gross things have yo ...

I had to fly cross-country so I grabbed my 386 laptop (and I use the term loosely) so I could keep up on email (strictly text, as dial-up was about the only type of internet service available). After being there a couple days with no computer problems on this particular day I fired up the laptop, and midway through the session the thing died with no explaination. When I opened it up I found ants had found the powerboard could double as a destination resort for their kind. They had packed themselves in and started raising the next generation. Apparently the ant love-making created enough steam to short out the board. After extensive cleaning and replacing a hard-to-find fuse the machine came to life again, but it never had the same vigor anymore. I must have carried the ants across the United States with me as I was not there long enough for the ants to build their recreational project in my computer.

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Cat pee

by J*R;) In reply to What gross things have yo ...

My brother called me over when his keyboard didn't work anymore. As I lifted it up, there was still a dripping puddle of cat pee under the keyboard. Needless to say that keyboard was disposed of.

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A list of some of the things I have found. My personal TOP TEN.

by PCMedic_Dartmouth In reply to What gross things have yo ...

I work in a computer repair shop, and it never fails to amaze me where people think is a good place to hide things, top ten list.
1. Mouse nest, Dead mice
2. Dead rat, and a big one too, chewed right through the back plates.
3. Dead bugs of all sorts.
4. Live Hamster.
5. Bottle of Jack Daniels.
6. Drug stashes of many different types.
7. Magazines of the porno kind.
8. M&M,s in the CD drives.
9. Bottles of hand cream and shampoo?
10. Last but not least a petrified cold cut submarime sandwich the foot long kind.
I have also found many more things but some are too crude to mention. This is why I always open the cases when not in customer view.

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by wfs1946 In reply to What gross things have yo ...

Several years ago I had a customer bring me a PC that was in his house that had burned down. All his personal information was on the hard drive and he brought me the pile of melted plastic, wire and soot/water coverd metal and asked if I could help.
I pried the machine open, disconnected any uncessary wiring, checked all other wiring for damage, plugged in the PC and believe it or not it booted up.
I turned it off, hooked up a second drive, rebooted and "Ghosted" his hard drive to the new one. I shut the machine off and put the new hard drive into his new machine. He was estatic that I was able to help.
Oh, by the way, the old machine would never reboot after those two times. Someone was watching over him.
(Everyone got out of the house unharmed).

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Very cool!

by Jellimonsta In reply to Fire

That is cool that you were able to save the data easily. It is not cheap to go to a data extraction service.

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by wfs1946 In reply to Very cool!

The gentleman was very fortunate in several ways, one the hard drive never worked again, and he and his family (including the son that started the fire playing with matches) were safe.

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Hygiene For computists . . .?

by nishpc In reply to What gross things have yo ...

It really gives me the creeps to see people exit the restroom - without washing their hands - and immediateyl go sit rignt down at shared computers in a lab or other setting.

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Nasty Mess

by computerguru In reply to What gross things have yo ...

I was using an air compressor to **** out the pc case of a customers pc. This person was an avid smoker. Well when i started blowing out the case a few dust bunnies came out and I excpected them. What I saw next was nasty a huge solid mass of dust and just stuff came flying out of the case from under the motherboard. I wish I had a picture of it but when measured it was about the size of the entire atx motherboard which as you know is not small.

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A carcass...

by El Guapo In reply to What gross things have yo ...

A half decomposed mouse carcass with the tail chewed off...

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