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What gross things have you found during PC cleanup

By CagedMonkey ·
OK, I know all of you out there have at one time or another found something repulsive when cleaning up a PC. What I want to know is what items have you found in/on a PC when a user complained something did not work.

Recently I was called to a users desk because they claimed the keyboard was not operating correctly. Many of the keys were sticking or just not working.

Well, I got to the user's desk and picked up the keyboard, turned it over to see what might shake loose. Lo-and-behold. Hundreds of fingernail clippings dropped out and deposited themselves onto the desk. I just left the pile there and asked them to clean it up. I was not about to touch any of it.

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It is surprising

by TonytheTiger In reply to Mice, part 2

how small a space those critters can squeeze through.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Mice

Once saw voles, they look like fat mice. The little critters had moved in for winter. Guess the power suppy was nice and warm.

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I can relate to that!

by RknRlKid In reply to Mice

My daughter called me once that her computer wasn't working. I opened the case and saw all this shredded paper and junk, along with mouse droppings. I had to gut the computer and toss the case. A mouse or more had been living inside the case, on top of the power supply. The amount of mouse urine was so great inside the case that the motherboard and all cards but one were rusted and ruined.

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Mice .... again

by Brian.Walters2@btinternet In reply to Mice

OK, so it wasn't a PC, computers were still a lab experiment in the very early 1970's, but in a previous life (employment) I was a Radio technician working on "private mobile radio" systems.
I was called to site where the equipment had been switched off for some time to do a check before it was all re-activated and the first thing I noticed was the smell from the transmitter unit!
Closer examination led me to the cause, a mouse had found its way into the final amplifier stage and electrocuted itself on the anodes of the main valve (that a glass jam jar with an electric fire in it to those unfamiliar with the term).
The mix of 600 volts, mouse droppings, burnt fur and flesh and the age of the corpse was not a pretty sight ... or smell!
I won't even begin to tell you about the many visits to vetenary surgeries that I was also called to attend.
Regards, Brian.

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Transmitters and critters

by allvord In reply to Mice .... again

A nice cozy transmitter bldg atop a cold mountaintop is a safe haven for lots of critters. The worst,however, was a snake that took down the 5500V power supply. A quick cleanup, and we were back on the air. Worst keyboard mess would have to be cola. Luckily, I work for a PC wholesaler with an endless supply of keyboards, so they're now disposable.

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Mouse Nest

by Kansan52 In reply to Mice

This computer came in with the complaint of a distorted image at times. We knew these people had problems with roaches and had 'installed' roach motels the last time it was in for service. We still bagged it (garbage bag and roach spray for 24 hours). Once opened, cleaned out the dead roaches but there was a gooey mass down one side of the memory onto the motherboard. The space between the floppy and the CD-rom was filled with a mouse nest and the gooey mass was mouse urine and feces. The amazing part is that it even worked. The side of the memory facing the nest had two leads corroded away by the combination, but only partially hindered the RAM. That was also the originall graphics problem. A new memory board and cleaning and the unit worked.

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Just scum

We had one support tech whose keyboard was always filthy. This erstwhile white keyboard had brown keycaps from the god-knows-what that came off her fingers over the years. I always dreaded having to help her with anything on her workstation.

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I had that situation once...

by fregeus In reply to Just scum

I showed up at her (yes, a young woman) desk with surgical gloves, put them on in front of her without saying a word. Fixed her problem. Got up, took the gloves off and threw them in her garbage can.

The next call, the keyboard was misteriously clean....

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Hand lotion?

by jbartlett In reply to Just scum

I've seen this "black residue" on keyboards, mice and phones. More often than not it is from hand lotion. The lanolin, which is oily, sticks to the keys, collects dirt and hangs around forever.

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Are you sure...

by noyoki In reply to Hand lotion?

that it was really "lotion"?


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