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What gun possession implies

By chdchan ·
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With gun weapons, one can protect or kill. Not too soon after Colorado shooting, Americans are tolling themselves again with the Connecticut shootout.

The U.S. is a country respecting freedom. While the police and soldiers have guns, so do the general public. With freedom in American minds, privacy is also secured by Law, hence one can kill an intruder to one's premises. The reasons behind this practice are: Americans are above-par wealthy and they need some extra security against crime (also reflected in their possession of most nuclear missiles in the world); Americans are relatively selfish and self-protecting (people are putting security of oneself above public safety by advocating gun possession, plus developing nuclear weaponry whilst disallowing poorer countries to follow suit); Americans think they are so morally superior that most people can restrain themselves from gun abuse.

In fact, if some would like to prevent crime with guns, they should first think about how easily guns can cause crime. For the first time in history, after many gun-related crimes, people from the rest of the world should become hesitating when considering emigration or traveling to the U.S. and other gun-approving countries. As Chinese ourselves, we applaud for our own better-off personal safety without undiscriminated gun possession. When guns are publicized for eliminating their inner lack of security, Americans are haunted with even greater homicidal fears.

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and you don't need guns to kill people, either -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Guns don't kill people, p ...
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by PurpleSkys In reply to Guns don't kill people, p ...

i stated that before but some ppl don't seem to get it. In this case it's guns that are the tool, in other cases, it's something else. You're close to the only one the seems to get that

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so does a car - they kill more people than guns do each year, let's

by Deadly Ernest In reply to guns don't kill people

have a total personal car ownership and use ban as well.

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As far as I know

by JJFitz In reply to so does a car - they kill ...

There are far fewer intentional mass killing sprees caused by the use of a car as a deadly weapon.
It is a useless comparison.

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what you mean is --

by Deadly Ernest In reply to As far as I know

there are far fewer killing sprees that we know of!

What with all the road rage etc that goes on now, it's hard to tell what was a rage attack and an accident in many cases.

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Mass killing sprees are very different from road rage

by JJFitz In reply to As far as I know

both are areas of concern but you will find that a small percentage of deaths at the wheel are caused by road rage.
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the American Automobile Association, most automobile related deaths are caused by inexperience, distraction, and impairment. None of those causes have anything to do with an intent to kill.
The American Automobile Association reported that between 1990 and 1996 there were 12,828 police-reported incidents of aggressive driving which resulted in injury or death. (not just death)
Interestingly, in approximately 44% of violent traffic altercations, the perpetrator used a weapon such as a firearm, knife, club, or tire iron. In 23% the aggressive driver used the vehicle as a weapon, and in 12% a vehicle and a standard weapon were used.
I couldn't find any statistics on road rage mass killing sprees in the U.S.; probably because there aren't any.
I still say it is a useless comparison.

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both are rage gone wild and symptoms of the same

by Deadly Ernest In reply to As far as I know

underlying problem - however we have no idea how many would have ended up as shooting sprees since few involved firearms, but those that did one side was able to quickly drive away. we also don't know how many people have died in car crashes caused by such rage attacks.

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two unrelated subjects

by JJFitz In reply to As far as I know

Car related deaths are not the same as mass killing sprees. Period

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and the majority of gun deaths are not part of mass killing sprees either

by Deadly Ernest In reply to As far as I know

thus not relevant. Yet the causes of unreasonable rage would have the same basic underlying causes regardless of how the rage is displayed.

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just an attempt to try to change the subject

by JJFitz In reply to As far as I know

Away from guns.
I will no longer follow you down your rabbit hole.

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