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What gun possession implies

By chdchan ·
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With gun weapons, one can protect or kill. Not too soon after Colorado shooting, Americans are tolling themselves again with the Connecticut shootout.

The U.S. is a country respecting freedom. While the police and soldiers have guns, so do the general public. With freedom in American minds, privacy is also secured by Law, hence one can kill an intruder to one's premises. The reasons behind this practice are: Americans are above-par wealthy and they need some extra security against crime (also reflected in their possession of most nuclear missiles in the world); Americans are relatively selfish and self-protecting (people are putting security of oneself above public safety by advocating gun possession, plus developing nuclear weaponry whilst disallowing poorer countries to follow suit); Americans think they are so morally superior that most people can restrain themselves from gun abuse.

In fact, if some would like to prevent crime with guns, they should first think about how easily guns can cause crime. For the first time in history, after many gun-related crimes, people from the rest of the world should become hesitating when considering emigration or traveling to the U.S. and other gun-approving countries. As Chinese ourselves, we applaud for our own better-off personal safety without undiscriminated gun possession. When guns are publicized for eliminating their inner lack of security, Americans are haunted with even greater homicidal fears.

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Are you saying that?

by chdchan In reply to People in the USA don't c ...

Are you saying those 20 kids should anyways be murdered otherwise by weapons other than guns or even simply traffic accidents? Your "guns are just the tool" concept means doctors can equally heal so many people without medicine.

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by dogknees In reply to People in the USA don't c ...

Max, tell us what you do think the real causes are.

It's easy to say it's not A and it's not B and ..... How about some positive contribution.

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Some positive contribution?

by maxwell edison In reply to So

I've been making positive contributions in these threads for more than ten years. Either you haven't been paying attention, or you consider alternative opinions to your own something other than positive.

I've hinted (more than hinted) when I said, "I'd bet everything I own (which isn't a **** of a lot at this point) that in not a single one of these "mass killing" cases, or in cases of kids killing kids, the perpetrator had a father who was involved and engaged in his life; or the perpetrator came from a family that provided unconditional love and acceptance; or that the perpetrator was actually GIVEN a gun by his father and taught how to use and respect it; or ......... But yeah, let's blame the guns. It's too painful to look at the REAL reasons.

(See, you weren't paying attention.)

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Read That

by dogknees In reply to Some positive contributio ...

So tell us how we deal with what we have now. The kid has already grown up with problems. What do we do now?

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Obviously Maxwell wants state-issued fathers.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Read That

I don't see another way to handle the dearth of fathering. Can't force bums not to be bums.

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Not sure where you're going with that

by DelbertPGH In reply to People in the USA don't c ...

Apart from the fact that your hunch that a father-led family of "unconditional love and acceptance" never produces mass killers sounds like pure wishful thinking, what would that lead you to do? Institute nationwide fatherhood classes, and make divorce harder to get? Can you justify that degree of government intrusion? Think it would work?

There are, by the way, countries (Scandinavia) where fathers are even less of a household feature than in America, and they don't have our murder rate, and feature fewer mass killings. America has always been a more violent place, it seems. There's something in our makeup that leads us to own more guns, to resort to killing as a way of ending an argument, and in the last 50 years, to mass killings to resolve difficult personality problems. Murder is as American as gun ownership, and if you got rid of all the guns, we'd keep on killing each other. Call it cowboy culture. Countries with few guns and few killings can't credit their low murder rate to gun restriction. They just don't breed as many killers. I think their people are just more passive, more indifferent, about governmental gun restrictions. I don't see cause and effect; I just see two effects.

Even if you were to try to clamp down, in a country where 300 million guns are present, where so many people want to own guns, and where personal identity is for many people tied inseparably to having a gun collection, there is zero chance you'd ever be able to abolish or even control them. It's politically and logistically impossible.

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I suspect a lot of the schoolboy goes nuts cases are due to excessive

by Deadly Ernest In reply to People in the USA don't c ...

bullying by the school jocks sending them over the edge.

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You may be correct

by JJFitz In reply to People in the USA don't c ...

that broken home may be a factor in mass killings but it was not evident in the Columbine incident. Both Harris and Klebold came from two parent homes. Harris even wrote about the fact that his family were the only ones who did not pick on him.
Deadly seems to have hit the nail on the head that bullying plays a factor. At least it did in this instance. Harris and Klebold were both bullied relentlessly in their school - often while the teachers watched and did nothing.
I'm not excusing their behavior but just pointing out that the lack of a father's presence was not a factor.

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Societal breakdown?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to People in the USA don't c ...

Like what? People shopping at Walmart even though it means cutting themselves out of a job?

Or maybe you mean gay marriage? Or divorce? Or any of the other things the US has in common with the rest of the first world, with widely varying degrees of violence to follow.

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I'd say your theory is correct -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to But are guns really the p ...

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