What I Do If A Particular Website Is Not Opening On The Internet?

By dwa3rsadq2 ·
Hi folks, Anyone tells me I open this website on my device but Google said "This site can't be reached" why???

I'm hoping a positive reply


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Because the site is not secure

I haven't tried it myself, but judging from the URL the site is not hosted on a secure server via HTTPS

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secure website

by dwa3rsadq2 In reply to Because the site is not s ...

Hi wizard57m-cntet thanks for the reasons but this is secure website google preferred https website.

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What are you trying to open this site with?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What I Do If A Particular ...

It opens OK here on 3 different versions of Windows and all have fairly high Security so I would be looking at the device you are using and the Browser you are attempting to open this site with.

Here on Monzela, Chrome and Infernal Exploder it opens but Safari doesn't like it if that helps any.

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Safari browser

by dwa3rsadq2 In reply to What are you trying to op ...

Hi HAL 9000,

Thanks for the guide. I use Safari browser, I think this is a lag of safari browser?

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