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What impact will Cloud Computing have in the future?

By johnnybj03 ·
An emerging technology, Cloud Computing has been getting a lot of buzz within IT departments. Does Cloud Computing have a future in the IT infrastructure? Is it geared more towards small and medium size companies?

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One thing for sure, it means more RAM

by cmatthews In reply to What impact will Cloud Co ...

As I write, Firefox has just two tabs open (TR and Gmail) and I use nearly a quarter gig of ram (private bytes) and a thousand context switches per second on that alone.

As more web apps continue to use heavier DOM content, we will see less use of shared memory space so tabs can crash independently not affecting other web-apps.

The following videos show neat improvements on Webkit technology, but I fear any box with less than 2gigs of RAM will be awfully slow in less than a year, as more browsers will open a separate child process on a per tab basis.

Spotlight on DOM:
Spotlight on DNS:

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Without a total rethink of the browser as an

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to One thing for sure, it me ...

application interface, it will mean less resources or less functionality.

It's the 1/4 gig that's a problem not whose quarter it is of.

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Is there a place for it? Yes.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What impact will Cloud Co ...

But it isn't the Ultimate Storage Solution some would have us believe. Like any other tool, there are circumstances where it makes sense and others where it doesn't. It's useful as long as the potential security and accessibility issues are clearly understood.

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