What is safest remote connection from home to a small business?

By gladerac ·
My friend has a small business with a Dell desktop running XP. The Dell is currently connected to a Belkin router/wireless which is connected to the cable modem.

She would like to connect from home to the office using her iPhone/iPad. The Dell must stay at XP until the business software releases a version for other than XP. There are also a few laptops that access the business software but do not need Internet access.

What is the safest way to configure her office so she can remotely connect? I had planned on removing the Belkin as wireless does not work in the old building.


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Security is important

by mike.laing In reply to What is safest remote con ...

You can use remote management to set it up without any third party tools, but make sure you back up the router settings first!

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by Jasonjb1222 In reply to What is safest remote con ...

Do you know the model of the Belkin router? Does it support a VPN?
Change the wireless settings for the Wireless, use something harder to crack like WPA2 - not WEP.
If you are going to use a "browser based solution" do NOT use Firefox (here comes the hate) unless you are using something other than WEP encryption. There are god reasons for this. You may or may not research them for yourself.
XP has a native capacity to establish a tunnel using PPTP or IPSEC, your choice.
Armed with this information you should be able to set things up fine.

Alternatives, again depending on your Belkin include: Tomato or DDWRT ;-)

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by fred In reply to What is safest remote con ...

Depending on what you have on the business end, try an Untangle Server (gateway) which has OpenVPN as a component. I have been using it (OpenVPN) between home and office for two years. The price is reasonable (FREE or nominal fee for upgrades to other components of the server). For remote administration look at RADMIN.

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firs one

by jawahell In reply to What is safest remote con ...

My suggestion would be to invest in router/firewall that will allow you secure access to network, and then you can use VNC, teamview, remotedesktop ...

One of cheep and good solution would be i.e. ZyXEL SSL 10 - SSL VPN with username and password, and after that you are SSL VPN-ed to your office LAN, without installation of specific utilities.

OpenVPN installed on PC that would be router/firewall for your office is also good solution, but then you need openvpn client on remote PC.

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