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What IS the Appropriate Attire for an Interview?

By CaptBilly1Eye ·
In the old days of "Dress For Success," the three piece suit for men and the dress suit for women were the recommended uniforms for attending that all-important first interview. Times have surely changed and company dress codes have been loosened for so long that there doesn't appear to be as much focus on dress as there once was. What's your opinion?

When dressing for your first interview, what would you wear? As an interviewer, what would you like to see an interviewee wear? Does it make a large difference based on the job you/they are applying for (i.e. IT Manager, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Technical Support Analyst, Help Desk)? Does it still matter?

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Both times though

by jdclyde In reply to Pressed pants

I was not even LOOKING for a different job...

The first time I was still a student, but working a lot in the CAD labs. Who would have ever thought someone would pay you to use a computer to draw pretty pictures? B-)

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I hate this mentality

by nickwarhead In reply to What do you have to go on ...

Just what we need is more suit and tie dorks for this stuffy business culture. It doesn't matter what you wear its what's in your head. It seems the freaks seem to be the ones that are the geniuses compared to the *** kissing suit and tie set who have their noses too far up their bosses *** to really care about technology.

What the **** happened to the "bearded sandal" mentality that my instructor in college told me about????

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Disconnected academia

by bmagurn In reply to I hate this mentality

a) college professors generally know very little about the real world, unless someone did a research study on some aspect of it.

b) In an interview, much more than dress is and should be considered.

However, if a candidate can't find the time to prepare for their interview with a decent set of dress clothes (pressed shirt, and a tie, minimum), that is one indicator of their true behavior.

Hiring managers are always looking for indicators of a person's true behavior, as opposed to the "what you want to hear" answers to the questions.

c) Why put yourself at a disadvantage, by dressing down as a statement! We're talking about how to prepare for the interview. Use your dress to get a headstart.

d) If you have such a moral objection to a business casual dress code, go to the interview in ratty shorts and a t-shirt. If you ever find someone to hire you, it may be a match made in heaven.

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And when you get a job nickwarhead

by jdclyde In reply to I hate this mentality

you can dress any way they will ALLOW you to.

Take a good look at your college instructor. Was he wearing sandals? Bet he wasn't.

Then go again and ask him why HE doesn't have one of these near mythical jobs of the "bearded sandal" techs. Are there some out there? Sure, but they have been in the trade for a few decades and have distinguished themselves far apart from everyone else in their fields and can get away with it. You have neither distinguished yourself, nor can you get away with it.

Don't worry, when you get a job, you will see what it is like out here. Just look for a place that has a very casual dress code.

Better yet, be your own boss, and you can dress any way you wish without your boss judging you based upon what you look like.

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I have a job, *****

by nickwarhead In reply to And when you get a job ni ...

Well, I have a job, and my abilty to do it does not depend on what I wear. I'm going to be telecommuting in the next couple of months, so I can sit in my underwear and work all day if I want.

I think of being a tech as more like being an auto mechanic or something like that, rather then being a suit wearing fat *** office worker. It should be kept in that realm. We're not business men.

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by jc2it In reply to I have a job, bitch

Gee, with that attitude of yours I can see why they want you to telecommute. It makes it that much easier to justify downsizing you.

Your problem is that you do not realize that the IT department holds the keys to the business. We have access to all of the accounting information, because we manage the data. This requires someone of greater than average intelligence. Not only do you need to understand the hardware, but you also need to understand the value of the data.

Go back to the school of hard knocks and get a real degree. A working man's PhD.

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Nice attitude

by jmgarvin In reply to I have a job, bitch

If IT is being an auto mechanic, you are doing something wrong...

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You need to work on that.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to And when you get a job ni ...

They will have as little time for you as you seem to for them. Unfortunately they are the ones who come up with the work, and there are a shed load of people out there with your skillset who will at least show some respect for that.

Not a dig, business types want and to be quite honest need tech's who meet them at least half way.

You'd have to be extremely high value for them to accept anything less and I can assure you their next meeting will be on how to not have to need to be dependant on you again.

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You amuse me nickwarhead

by jdclyde In reply to And when you get a job ni ...

Clearly you don't know many mechanics, first of all. They do care about their appearance because no one will want a grubby slob working on anything other than a beater car. The higher end shops even sweep up between cars and have a spotless floor.

And the same "suit wearing fat *** office workers" are the only reason you temporarily have a job. These people are your customers, and loathing your customers is a real dumb way to go through your day.

Enjoy your miserable existence, hating everyone that is making a decent living, and blame them for you being left behind. Hope you like mac n' cheese. I see a lot of it in your help desk future.

jc called it right on the spot. You will not be giving the keys to the most valuable asset the company has (it's data) if you look like a low life slob.

And studies have shown that people that telecommute that do not dress professionally, do not act or perform professionally, and are not long for their position.

From the flawed mentality you have shown here, I doubt if you have the self control needed to work without someone watching over you. This may not be the best move for you, unless your working for your mom or something?

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I agree

by jck In reply to I hate this mentality

I guess Steve Wozniak is a real lazy, unknowledgable kind...and he didn't even wear a formal suit to present at things like international electronics conferences.

Of course...Gates doesn't either. Oh jesus...I just argued for Gates...I need medication.

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