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What IS the Appropriate Attire for an Interview?

By CaptBilly1Eye ·
In the old days of "Dress For Success," the three piece suit for men and the dress suit for women were the recommended uniforms for attending that all-important first interview. Times have surely changed and company dress codes have been loosened for so long that there doesn't appear to be as much focus on dress as there once was. What's your opinion?

When dressing for your first interview, what would you wear? As an interviewer, what would you like to see an interviewee wear? Does it make a large difference based on the job you/they are applying for (i.e. IT Manager, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Technical Support Analyst, Help Desk)? Does it still matter?

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Knowing what kind of employee vs being able to do the job

by jck In reply to What do you have to go on ...

Trust me...if I interviewed you, I could tell if you were going to be able to know how to program, attach and detach a SQL Server database through both Enterprise Manager and the command line, and if you can program a logic ladder for a PLC.

If you can tell me how to do things with those and that is part of the job, I can be assured you're going to know how to do the work.

As to whether or not you're a good worker...that's a different story. That's what the 6 month probationary period is for...and the clause that if you are unable to perform the duties of your position that it is grounds for termination.

I figure anyone who wants to work, is amiable, and has the knowledge and know-how to do the work...I'm not going to make the assumption their coming to an interview in less than business wear means they are lazy or don't care.

Think outside the works

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It depends on whos game it is

by jdclyde In reply to Knowing what kind of empl ...

on what the rules are.

If you are doing the interviewing, your free to set whatever standards you like, just make sure you keep some standards to yourself, like trying to fill the office with eye-candy. ]:)

Someone should look NEAT, agreed?

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looking neat

by jck In reply to It depends on whos game i ...

I think some artwork looks neat.

If by neat you mean showered and maintaining proper hygiene...sure.

Some people don't consider a beard to be "neat".

I think they should be styled in some way (at least combed).

I mean, I know there was a girl at my place of employment who was pushed-off to the side because she had a tongue piercing. I told the guys that was kind of absurd, because they probably have children or young relatives who have them and they wouldn't put them off because of it.

Plus, this girl had a Bachelors and Masters...and she wanted a job as a tech...and she had all the experience. I don't know why we hired the guy we have, but we did. She was obviously more qualified (she had more tech experience...the job that she was applying for) than he did (he had been a network admin and hardware consultant).

Anyways...people should be clean...and presentable. But, wearing jeans shouldn't discount you from a job if you don't have a suit.

There are some people in this world who are qualified and looking to improve their position in life...and can barely afford the jeans they have.

P.S.- If a really hot looking girl is just as qualified as all the others...**** yeah I'd hire her (if she's single ) ]:)

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Don't think we are ever going to agree...

by JamesRL In reply to Knowing what kind of empl ...

You don't only interview to confirm technical skills. You interview to get an idea of the person. As I mentioned in another post" Can they do it, Will they do it, will they fit in?". If I assume the resume is somewhat accurate, I know whether they can do the job before they interview.

I cannot afford to wait six months to see if they "will" do the job. I need to get an idea before I offer them a job.

If the job of your dreams came up, would you not care enough to dress your best?

For this job, I had been out of work for 18 months. I was running on empty money wise. But I knew I had an interview coming and I knew there would be more, and that my old suits didn't fit. So I spent a grand total of $199 on a suit.

I don't hire easily or terminate easily.

A job is a big thing, why wouldn't you want to look the best you can.


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I guess you don't get it, JamesRL

by jck In reply to Don't think we are ever g ...

You're 22.

Just out of college.

From an working-class family.

You have a 4.0 from school.

You're sharp and good at what you do.

You had to go to school on loans.

How the **** do you afford a suit?

Should you be discounted from the job because you can't afford one?

BTW...I *never* said that attitude and demeanor and amiability are not important...especially in a team environment. I said that the ability to do the job is most important.

Looking clean and decent is different than wearing a suit.

Some people don't have $199, man. Feel lucky you did.

Anyways, I'm going home.

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Dont give me that BS

by JamesRL In reply to Don't think we are ever g ...

I went to school on loans, no help from parents.

You spend thousands of dollars on school, why wouldn't you spend a few $$ on a suit.

Sears warehouse, I have one suit I bought for $79.

Or just buy a blazer or sports coat.

The point is to make an effort.

I had one guy show up in one of those shiny prom suits - not professional, but at least I knew he was trying.

You want someone to validate that you can show up how you like? Fine. Don't apply at a Fortune 1000 company - or at least not the vast majority of them.



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it's not BS

by jck In reply to Don't think we are ever g ...

1) I interviewed with Wal-Mart Corporation last week in Bentonville, AR. US Airways almost didn't get my bag back to me to have my suit for the interview. I almost had to go in jeans.

2) My friend Harold from college was in the situation of not having any money after he finished and he was working 2 part time jobs to make ends meet (pharmacy store and national guard). He couldn't afford $79 for a suit. He ate 4 for $1 packs of Rodeo hotdogs and 4 for $1 Rainbo hotdog buns and 12 for $1 ramen noodles and generic ketchup and what not so he could eat on under $40 a month.

It's not's real life.

And BTW...if you had enough money left over from loans to afford that suit after you finished college, I guess you borrowed more than just for your education.

Anyways...go on dreaming everyone has it as nice as you did...and tell Tink and Peter Pan in Neverneverland I said hi too.

P.S.- I turned down Wal-Mart...

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And how much was your friends cell phone bill?

by jdclyde In reply to Don't think we are ever g ...

how much was cable tv?

no beer and cigs, right?

And it sounds like getting an extra $100 on a student loan would have been a smart idea, as the reason he went to college is to be able to get a job, right? Dressing appropreately to get a job isn't rocket science, and something nice to wear is just one thing that you can do to KEEP from giving them a reason to pick someone else.

When interviewing dozens for a position, do you really think they have a lot else to go on that what your resume and appearance say about you?

First impressions do matter. Why put yourself at a disadvantage just because someone thinks they shouldn't have to dress a certain way, or spent their money on something they thought was more important than a professional appearance?

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haha...oh silly jdclyde

by jck In reply to Don't think we are ever g ...

1) he had no cell phone...

2) he had no cable tv

3) he lived in a 1-room efficiency apartment above a garage

He didn't have money, man...if he was blowing money on $hit, I'd have had no sympathy for him.

But...don't think the circumstance doesn't exist in the world just because you have not seen it.

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As a matter of fact JCK

by JamesRL In reply to Don't think we are ever g ...

Right out of university I didn't get an IT job. I found a job working at a camera store for just over minimum wage. I wore a tweed jacket to my interview for that job.

If you really wanna know, I did get a student loan, and my parents were also expected to contribute a fair amount, but they didn't. I don't blame them, my family never had a lot and I had 4 brothers.

I didn't drink a lot of beer or eat a lot of pizza in university, and much of what I did consume was due to the generosity of friends. I also got a part time job in my first week of university. I never had a lot of money.

I've eaten my fair shair of Ramen and hot dogs and Mac and cheese.

When I went for my first IT job interview, I borrowed money from my family for a suit.

You can sit there and judge me all you want. But I am closer to the perspective of hiring managers of the vast majority of companies than you.


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