What is the best FREE Helpdesk & CRM software?

By kevinlevart ·
I'm starting my own business and am looking for a software solution where I can keep track of my customer's support issues, keep track of the customers themselves, do billing and create invoices. (I'm also looking into free remote support options, but I'll keep that post for later.)

I have my own Windows server as well as I subscribe to a Linux web server.

It would be nice to have a customer portal where they can order products/services through my site, check the status of their support tickets and whatnot. (Sarcasm: I'm not asking for much, am I?)

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Free helpdesk software

by ciaran.usher In reply to What is the best FREE Hel ...

Did you ever find the software you were after? I am looking for something similar, can you help?

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Something to look at

by kevinlevart In reply to Free helpdesk software

I found this app in my search that seems to be the closest as to what I'm looking for. I haven't done too much with it on their demo site.

Check it out. This may be for you.

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i would like

by Triathlete1981 In reply to What is the best FREE Hel ...

a 22 year old blonde Swedish supermodel named Heidi, but it ain't gonna happen.

okay, after the mocking and sarcasm (you WERE asking for it), Sharepoint Services 3.0 is a free Microsoft product that can be used for all types of customized web applications. It's fully integrateable with Office 2003 and 2007. The only real expense would most likely be Sharepoint Designer 2007 (~$300) and the time to create the site(s). And although free and Microsoft hardly ever go hand-in-hand, it's a decent product.

As for CRMs, a totally free one is VTiger, which I believe is Linux-based. It's a web-app like Sharepoint. Don't know about free help desk software though.

Good luck.

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Too Bad.... :-(

by kevinlevart In reply to i would like

Ha ha ha. I don't know any named Heidi. :)

I tried VTiger and the biggest complaint that I have is that version 5.0.3 has plenty of issues that would cause me to not want to use it.

I'll check out the sharepoint suggestion. I don't have experience in designing apps, but I'm willing to learn.

In addition, to my previous request, something that would allow me (and only me) to track customer "trouble tickets" or service call notes would be great.

If when I pull up the customer's profile, I could see all of the products they've purchased, support issues they've had and whatnot.

I guess with what I'm wanting, I'll either have to lean now to write my own application OR become good friends (or bribe) someone that would be willing to take on this project. :)

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Us IT guys can only be bribed with Jolt Cola and Cheetos :-)

by ManiacMan In reply to Too Bad.... :-(

a large wad of cash and a hot blonde Swedish supermodel works too, but I think that's asking for too much now...LOL.

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Does she have to be......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Us IT guys can only be b ...

Swedish? I'm blonde and 1/2 Dane. Is that close?

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Bribes? someone mention Bribes?

by CG IT In reply to Us IT guys can only be b ...

is that you Joe [Moore] with a new screen name?

only guy I know who has godzillian experience with NT and Novell is Joseph Moore and I haven't seen him around here for a couple of years....

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re: Helpdesk/CRM Software

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Too Bad.... :-(

Join the crowd. I've been searching forever too. I just can't find anything that tracks WHAT I want to track and be able to retrieve everything related to a particular person/computer/piece of equipment when I look up any one of them.

I guess I'll just have to write it myself. I can't afford to bribe someone to do it for me!

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hate to mention MS Dynamics CRM

by CG IT In reply to re: Helpdesk/CRM Software

a while ago[year or so] someone mentioned a freeware Helpdesk software program that I tried out. It wasn't bad at all...problem is CRS [can't remember sh_t]...

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If you haven't checked out spiceworks...

by jlantier In reply to What is the best FREE Hel ...

If you haven't check out spiceworks yet, you might...

because I am busy and its Friday :) Here's a snipet from Spiceworks website :

You want a network you can manage, not a network that manages you! You wish you could have it... without spending a fortune. Your wish is granted.

Introducing the free Spiceworks IT Desktop and Community. Used by 250,000 IT pros in 194 countries. Spiceworks has the IT features you need every day:

* Automatic PC and software inventory and IT asset reporting to simplify your job.
* Network monitoring and troubleshooting to keep things running smoothly.
* An easy to use IT help desk for your company.
* IT answers, product reviews, and advice from SMB IT pros like you.

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started. No agents. No scripts. No manual. No hassles. Just download Spiceworks and go.

And, Spiceworks is really free. No trials. No time or device limits. Simply free. Even free support. All thanks to sponsorships by top technology vendors.

Freedom is just a download away.

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