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What is the best PDA for me?

By phoebegerry2 ·
I have owned numerous Palms over the years. They usually die before a year is up. I'm tired of spending money on these things. So can you give me suggestions for a reliable PDA. It doesn't need to be connected, it doesn't need to be fancy. I just keep appointments, addresses, a game or two, a recipe program, etc. on it. I would like an OS that has a variety of programs available to me.

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That's it

by Oz_Media In reply to Still sounds wrong

Well not the exact one, but mine was 64 MB with Intel 133MHz processor , Infra Red port etc. I know the new handheld versions have new goodies but mine still kicked butt and would suffice in todays market with ease.

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i still use a palm v.

by secure_lockdown In reply to What is the best PDA for ...

works and holds a charge a lot longer then those new color ones.

i think a lot depends on if you will be syncing the thing with a PC. if you are not - you can go low end market.

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you're lucky it's been reliable.

by phoebegerry2 In reply to i still use a palm v.

I just haven't been able to find any Palm that's reliable. They all freeze up or won't recognize when I write on them. I've never had one last for a year.

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Sony UX50 or Orange SPV C500

by syncyourdogma In reply to What is the best PDA for ...

I've had a few PDA's etc through work for testing web based content delivery and there are only three that I've kept for use for any length of time. They all have PIM functions and sync with outlook or exchange for diary and email.

Sony UX50 because it has a keyboard, is quite tough and uses the same memory format as my camera. I've used it as both my photo album and MP3 player. It also has a basic camera for taking quick snapshots of work in progress on a whiteboard. I runs PalmOS so has a huge number of apps. I tended to keep a few eBooks on this for times when I found a few minutes sitting on a train etc.

RIM Blackberry because I'm an email addict but I quickly broke the screen. There were also very few additional apps.

I currently have an Orange SPV C500 which runs Windows smart phone so you get to play with the same sort of apps as an ipaq. I also use this to hold a few photo's and a film (currently Shaun of the dead) or Simpsons episode or two for ammusement. Like the Sony UX50, this has memory cards so you have plenty of space (the cards now go up to GB sizes). This has the smallest of the three screens but you get used to it.

I've had both a Palm V and a couple of iPaqs but I never really got on with the data entry systems so they just tended to be read only.

Hope that helps


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Blackberry question

by dafe2 In reply to Sony UX50 or Orange SPV C ...

How did you like it?

I've done pilots with these & got mixed reviews.

Personally I hated the damn thing for a couple of reasons:

1 - It made me too available, I get a LOT of mail & tended to look through it...even on weekends (Not good)

2 - I liked the Pocket PC for the Apps that are available - The Ipaq, HP & Toshiba are amazing tools..but don't offer BlackBerry services (yet)

3 - No 'real' software exists for the BlackBerry unless you want to stick it on the server.

Just wondered how it works for you?

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Email addict

by syncyourdogma In reply to Blackberry question

The blackberry did cause me to become a little bit of an email addict and, after geeting used to spambayes on my desktop machine, the lack of spam filters was a little annoying. If I'd not broken the screen I'd probably not have handed it back as it had the core PIM apps and a phone. The only other downside was the lack of bluetooth support (I think the new ones have this) so using it in the car was an issue, especially with the new UK Law. I would have like to be able to easily upload photos but the olny software I could find to do this was rather expensive.

I did however like the QWERTY keyboard and I think the move away from these is a mistake on RIMs part.

My Orange SPV offers blackberry like email as it will over the air check mail on both my personal POP accounts and my work exchange server. But as it only has a phone keypad, data entry can be rather annoyingly slow (I'm not very good with T9).


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palm treo

by secure_lockdown In reply to Email addict

i have been deploying these as well to replace legacy blackberry's and other's. pretty neat technology.

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Hey how are they doing?

by dafe2 In reply to palm treo

Somebody mentionned that today....

Hows it going with them?

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