What Is The Best Point of Sale Software?

By XEntity ·
I am considering the use of Point of Sale Software for a project. I need general screens, support for touch screens, and support for terminal services. I would also like it integratable with MS SQL and acounting packages.

I am frustrated buy the shear number of these and the lack of general integration capability.

Does anyone have any guidance?

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POS Software Integration Capability

by spoon In reply to What Is The Best Point of ...

Some of our retail customers also have requirements of integration capability.

Most POS software would have data export capability for you to transfer sales data to third party systems. This manual approach works well if you have only one store with a single lane. However, the manual effort snowballs quickly with increasing number of lanes and stores.

To address the issue, we normally help our customers with our script enabled POS solution to automate the procedure.

If you are interested, please contact us via

Good luck.

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Free trial here...

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Posmatic's onsight point of sale

by xkoreanprdxdanny In reply to What Is The Best Point of ...

Sorry for replying to an old topic, but a customer of mine is currently looking for a pos solution as well. I've been searching around to find if there's a software that can outweigh the one I describe below.

Due to the nature of my work (web/graphic designer), I've come across alot of retail stores/chains. There are alot of businesses in the new york area that I've visited that use a pos from a company named posmatic.

Normally a pos program wouldn't catch my eye... but the design didn't look anything like a point of sale software. So I asked about it, and they told me what software it was.

After seeing what it can do, I was pretty impressed. You should give them a look.

<a href=""></a>

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POS only as good as technicians fixing it!

by dreyfustc In reply to What Is The Best Point of ...

With more and more POS software packages out there, they are all very similar, especially front of the house. I always tell my clients to find out how quickly and good the service technicians are, along with their cost per year.

If anyone wants any help finding a POS solution please e-mail me. I dislike hearing stories about large companies not getting to a non-chain restaraunt for a week or more!

Good Luck!

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the best is cash register express

by edlevin In reply to What Is The Best Point of ...

it does inventory tracking, employee tracking, profit, purchase po's, id scanning and more. go to

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Re: cash register express

by cliffordsfleas In reply to the best is cash register ...

We carry lots of different <a href="">pos system</a> software where I work and Cash Register Express is pretty popular..

However it's not a one size fits all deal that will work "best" for everyone.

You really need to sit down and go over what your needs are. Sometimes even spending a week with another retailer or trying an Open Source solution will help you realize what you need vs. want and what to avoid?

Anyone who just says "use this you'll love it" really isn't trying to help you at all since they will need to know a LOT about your needs before they can even come close to the right solution.

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by abhi_IT In reply to What Is The Best Point of ...

You can use openbravo POS. It support all your need form software, can easily integrate with PostgreSQL in PG Admin and it is Opensource software too.

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Posterita POS seems best!

by nirmala1021 In reply to You can USE OPENBRAVO POS ...

While looking for a web based point of sales software , I stumbled upon posterita. I viewed its demos, it seems really interesting. It has many cool features multi store management, inventory control, touch screen... Also it seems very intuitive and user friendly. You might want to check

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I Find The Best Point Of Sale Software

by PoSSoF In reply to What Is The Best Point of ...

I think that WarehousePro ist the best point of sale software(

Why WarehousePro Inventory Management and Point of Sale?

WarehousePro and its specialized point of sale modules and specialized barcode printing and backup extensions make an excellent business application for automation of your processes because it...

1. Has robust, time-tested inventory and point of sale functionality!

WarehousePro has been servicing the business back office, retail point of sale and restaurant POS software markets for over 12 years and our point of sale products have time tested functionality that works for more than 40,000 customers in over ten countries. Try our software for 30 days free to see yourself, or watch out training video tutorials to see the functions in the software demonstrated.

2. Is very affordable!

WarehousePro is a software solution at affordable prices for all kinds of businesses. For instance, the very basic price of $349 provides you with a fully operational inventory and cash flow system able to do everything for a small business from inventory control, to sales, purchases and cash flow management. You can add two specialized modules to the main application: [1] for restaurant POS and [2] for storefront point of sale. Our competition asks for thousands of dollars to provide and install the same functionality while we will offer you all you need upfront with all the support and documentation on this website.

3. Allows you to test our POS system fully before you buy!

You can test drive any of our point of sale software products for free before you buy. Click here to see what business-specific packages we offer, feel free to download the software bundle that fits your business best and follow the instructions in the installation guides provided to set up the applications. We are certain you will see how easy it is to use our products and how robust the functionality in our products is. We hope that you will decide to become our customer and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

4. Has no hidden or annual maintenance fees!

WarehousePro’s POS software licenses are perpetual, meaning that you will not owe any annual maintenance or service fees once you purchase the license. We offer actualization of the software for a small fee, which you choose when to do. You can check any time the changes that were made to the application since your last update within the application so that you can determine if actualization would be needed.

5. Offers multiple ways to learn and get started for free!

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Can't say what is best, but..

by Bapster In reply to I Find The Best Point Of ...

I didn't see Quickbooks POS mentioned. May be limited in a large environment, but may be worth a look.

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