What is The Real Advantage of Windows Vista?

By FluxIt ·
I have not been following the Windows Vista thing and been focused on other things. Could someone give me the real one line lowdown on Windows Vista?

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You get to support M$ in a way that no one else does

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What is The Real Advantag ...

You become a paying Beta Tester for M$ as you pay when you ring M$ to tell them of a problem that you are having that you and most likely they are unable to fix and then they know what patches to include in their next Service Pack.


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You Bought it You Name it

by Michael Jay In reply to What is The Real Advantag ...

I do not think that there is a real one line lowdown on Vista, it is just the next version of Windows. I do not believe that there is any real advantage other than older versions will soon not be supported and Vista will become the new Microsoft OS Platform. Just check the history, each time a new OS comes out the others fall away, but it will take time. In my office we stand with many Windows 2000 pc's and mostly Windows XP pc's, after a time I feel sure that it will be Windows XP and then mostly Vista PC's.

Bottom line is that Windows in whatever fashion is what will be. What small shops and you yourself choose may be different.

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A sure fire sales tool for moving those old copies of XP from the shelf

by daveo2000 In reply to What is The Real Advantag ...

As with most "radical changes" to Windows, it offers a new set of problems and waiting period for stability. Wait until at least SP 2 before you jump on.

Just remember: The first Windows OS release is what most companies would call something between Alpha and Beta releases. SP1 is what they would call a good solid Beta release. SP2 is what would be called the "General Release".

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Let's see...the real one line lowdown on Windows Vista...

by TechExec2 In reply to What is The Real Advantag ...

It's a LONG line, but here goes. Deep breath...

Windows Vista is pretty, expensive, pretty expensive, most likely will not run well on the PC you have now, a great opportunity to pay to join the Microsoft bug-finders club, a waste of money, not ready to be a gold release, over-hyped as usual, will not make you better than XP already does, is not compatible with a lot of ISV and IHV products and won't be for months and never for some, has revolutionized and broken the Windows platform at the same time, absolutely justifies a very serious look at Macintosh and Linux as a permanent replacement for Windows, might be really good in about 12 months, and is only spoken of in glowing terms right now by Microsoft fanboys, wanna-be's, shills, and fools who are blind to the fact that they will never be Microsoft millionaires no matter what glowing things they say about Vista.

Yeah...that about covers it.

P.S. Remember that $89 Windows 95 upgrade? What the **** happened to that? Only a monopoly could get away with charging such very high prices.

P.P.S. Did you know? Microsoft made $18.2 BILLION in PROFIT on $44.3 BILLION sales and 71,000 employees during the last year? That means they SPENT $367,600 per employee that year and had $256,000 in PROFIT per employee left over (including the janitors, secretaries, expensive onshore engineers, cheap engineers in India, managers, and executives), even after paying all of them salaries, bonuses, stock options! This is an OBSCENE amount of money. Your money. Yet, they STILL whine and cry about piracy and Linux and and and and (and I'm not condoning piracy). And, they want more more more.

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Good point made

by sangraal In reply to Let's see...the real one ...

software has always been a jacked up market. In the 90s people paid for what the software should've done ! Not what it did. And you could get a lower or free version that was more functional than the paid version.

Vista is a downgrade in quality from XP and largely developed by people who are newbies and all original architects are retired millionaires like any other SW....
who doesn't want to get paid for something you dont even have to do?

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