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    What Is the solution of T1 over 5G wireless ethernet network ?

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    I am looking for some solution about T1 over 5G wireless ethernet network. All I know AS below:

    5G Mobile Broadband Modem: Obtain a 5G mobile broadband modem that supports Ethernet connectivity. This modem acts as a bridge between the 5G wireless network and your wired Ethernet devices.

    Ethernet Connectivity: Connect your wired devices to the Ethernet ports on the 5G modem using Ethernet cables.

    Configuration: Configure the 5G modem to connect to the 5G network. This typically involves activating a data plan with a wireless service provider and setting up the necessary network credentials.

    Router (Optional): If you need additional wired or wireless Ethernet ports or advanced networking features, you can connect a router to the 5G modem. The router will provide additional ports and networking capabilities while maintaining the wireless connection to the 5G network.

    Remember that the performance and reliability of your wireless connection will depend on the quality of the 5G signal in your area, as well as the capacity and performance of the wireless service provider’s network.

    If you have specific requirements or are looking for a tailored solution, it’s recommended to consult with a network solutions provider or telecommunications expert who can assess your needs and provide appropriate recommendations.
    I get some help from Baudcom’s blog
    and this blog,
    but they are not complete, anyone can give me some advice ? Greatful

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