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What is this fascination with tea that Brits have?

By TomSal ·
Ok, time to put on the "ignorant self-absorbed American" hat here....Someone please explain to me this seemingly insane addiction Brits have with tea.

In movies, in books, in over hearing conversations in "real life" and even the mention of it here in some threads of TR...what is so god awful important about tea that make it so "huge" to a Brit's life?

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ok then

by gadgetgirl In reply to Go on then

well, we don't really want George Bush. They can keep him. And his Pa. They could keep Arnie Schwarzasummat as well, if they really wanted to.

But we'll let ITGirlie, Jessie and Cute Elf become Brits, though! Will also consider jck and jdclyde too.

Your turn.......

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Well, let's check a few TR peers out...

by neilb@uk In reply to ok then

Oz is a Brit so we do have the "Big Posts" record.

I agree that jcks OK - for swill - but he wants to be Irish, anyway, so we could invite him and hope he goes there...

Maxwell, Apotheon and Absolutely won't come because we don't have a "Bill of Rights" for them to argue minutiae over. ****, without even a written constitution, they wouldn't last...

Deepsands OK so long as he keeps his eyes and hands off Jenny Agutter.

ProtiusX and ippirate are OK - so long as the keep the God stuff turned down - but they'd probably think we don't have enough churches.

MrMiami is mad - no way!

Dawg wouldn't come except to visit. Sounds like he's got himself nicely settled where he is.

Colin and Gret are Australian and if they're not in the UK now then they have been or will be behind the bar somewhere soon.

Your turn...

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