what is wrong w. my keyboard?

By colrouphobic ·
it sometimes dont even work in bios. windows sais "this unit works as it should" but it doesnr work at all- is this a virus?

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I did,

by colrouphobic In reply to Buy a new one their chea ...

but the problem was wether it was the fault of the kb or something else. Why buy a new kb if nothing is wrong with it?
Yes they are cheap, though my current situation gives Keyboard = 25USD = food for me, my wife and our 3y-o and 5y-o for two to three days when we are on minus at end of each month.

A little nicer tone would have been nice...

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Well troubleshooting a Keyboard takes up time

by CG IT In reply to I did,

which costs money and in the end, the 1 hour or 2 it takes to troubleshoot cost far more than simply buying a new keyboard.

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I've seen this before

by Sue T In reply to I did,

turn off the computer and remove the optical drive. reboot the computer. is your keyboard working now? If so, the optical drive has a problem and needs to be replaced or your motherboard could be having problems which could also be the case if the keyboard is not working. Keyboards, mouse and optical drives are cheap compared to motherboard so hopefully it is one of those and you can usually do without an optical drive if you need to.
Good luck.

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