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What is your best and great user

By zlitocook ·
Stories from 2005? I asked the same thing last year and still laugh or just shake my head at some of them.
I will start by telling one of my own user stories. I was a new employee at a small bank and had the pleasure to upgrade all the old servers to Win 2000! There were 11 servers and six were old Unix servers/ pre 98, well they ran all the banking services from them. All the data bases were not uopgradeable to Windows of any type. I told the CIO that we needed to export the data to a file and try to import to Excel and try to import to the new servers.
He only wanted his files saved and some things on the sever saved. I thought he was talking about his own laptop. But he said no I should not worry about the banks information because it is backed up ever night and can be access any time.
Well the back ups were never checked and were blank, I tried to show him this but was told to compleat the project. Well I left the bank the next week before the bank was examaned by the FDIC.

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This reminds me of a gag I did...

by Zeppo9191 In reply to Any Key Deluxe

This happened back in my programming days, several years ago.

We were using Clarion (a DOS programming utility) to write our code. I was tasked to write an applet that would create a random-character string of varying lengths for various uses.

We had a woman on our help desk who wasn't too technically savvy - one of those who knew enough to support our product, but not much else. She and I liked to play practical jokes on each other, so my applet gave me an idea...

I edited my code so that it would create a random-character string of infinite length and display it in a fullscreen DOS window. (We were running Win95.) I inserted this program into her Startup folder, and patiently waited for her next reboot.

This was in the days when Hollywood often used this type of display to show something terribly wrong happening to a computer. You can probably see where I'm going...

She bit, hard. I got a panicked call from her the next morning, "My computer is going nuts! I'm losing all my data! What do I do?! Get down here, FAST!"

By the time I recovered (laughter) and strolled into her area, one of her coworkers had used Ctrl-Break to kill my program, and all was well. Her coworker didn't see the humor as much as she and I did.

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Joke error message #2

by Paymeister In reply to Any Key Deluxe

I used to teach at a high school in which we had a school administrator that was a bit... formal. Our resident guru installed a program on his Mac that showed the Mac "bomb" message, with a "Restart" or "OK" button. Problem was, as you approached the button with the cursor, the button jumped to another part of the screen. Hey, WE thought it was hilarious! Hmm... neither of us work there anymore, and he's a principal. (Actually, he is a great guy who I've come to appreciate. But it makes a good story, and I run a computer now instead of teaching: tell the numbers to sit down and shut up and they DO!)

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Good One

by mblank78 In reply to dumb users.....

We had a salesperson called us because he thought he got a virus on his computer somehow. When he called he said "I think that it came from the internet." Ya think! Anyways we helped him with his problem.

We had another one where a salesperson called when he was traveling becasue he said he could not retrieve his email through the web. He explained that the dialog box prompting him for his logon information kept popping up even though he was entering the information. We tried to figure out if it was a password problem not letting him log in, or if there was something wrong with our exchange server that was not letting him log in through the web. After troubleshooting everything on our end and determining that there was not a problem on our end, we decided to ask him if he was connected to the internet, he said "I have to be connected to the internet." We told him that in order to retrieve his email from the exchange server through the web, he would need to be connected to the web.

I work for a small company, about 150 employees, and I hear all sorts of good stories, I could not imagine how many stories there must be when dealing with a company of thousands.

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Chat show

by kirkhill In reply to Good One

What a laugh, eh?

Maybe you should go on a chat show. The folks would be rolling on the floor.

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Small Companies

by PeteH In reply to Good One

I work for a company with about 1000 pc's but to be honest I haven't any real funny tales to tell. I think you may find in larger companies the IT department don't get as many of these stories because the local "power user" sorts out the person before it gets near us.

I often get the "Where is the ANY key?" and (Usually on a mobile) "I can't download my sales contacts - I get an error" "What does the error say?" "Oh I can't remember that!" " Well can you do it again so I can get the error message" "Oh, I'm just driving to my first sales meeting - do I need to be in front of the computer??"

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Sorry buddy but you haven't seen enough

by lior In reply to Good One

Well this story only proves that the help desk dept. isn't aware of how dumb users could be...
i would ask right from the beginning regarding the internet :)

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Like the alphabet virus

by JMT77 In reply to Good One

This actually reminds me of a user at the company that I work for, who called me in a severe state of panic one morning. As I answered the phone, I was greeted with "I've got an alphabet virus!!". I calmly asked her what exactly was wrong and she said: "All my emails are suddenly the wrong way around. You know... they always run from A to Z and now they run from Z to A! What should I do??" I gently guided her through the steps of sorting her emails in Outlook... needless to say her virus problem was instantaneously solved. After I explained to her the cause of her problem, we actually had a good laugh about it!

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The case of the missing icon

by 1ronman In reply to dumb users.....

I swear this is a true story that happened to me!
Back in the heyday of Windows 95, I recieved a call from one of our remote sites, the user was having trouble with his pc (as usual). Usually the guy fat fingered his password but was able to bypass the network login and get to his desktop (you know, the place where all your icons are...<grin>), anyway having done this,none of his network applications were working (mysterious already isnt it). We used Novell servers at the time and I wanted him to open a command window and run "whoami" to verify that this was the problem. "L***, I want you to look on your desktop. There is an icon there that says MSDOS. After a few moments of silence he says nope, I cant find one. L***, I know its there. I put it on on your desktop last time we had this problem. A few more moments of silence, Nope I've looked every where and I dont have one. <insert a heavy sigh>. Fine, I'll be down there in a little while anyway, I'll look at it then. and I hung up. When I got there later I found out from a friend at the next desk over that L*** had been franticly sliding papers around on his "DESK TOP", looking underneath them for the missing DOS icon.

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What desktop?

by shaazaminator In reply to The case of the missing i ...

I am part of the IT team for a very large
national publishing company. One day one of our
VP's calls me up and wants access to the
Financials web site. Knowing he already had a
login for the site and it was bookmarked in IE
for him, I decided to walk him through creating
a shortcut on his desktop (because that is where
they were before he got his new laptop and now
they are gone).

I started out by telling him to right-click on
his desktop. After a very lengthy pause I asked
him if he had done this. Yeah, he says, "I'm
just about there". After another very very
lengthy pause I asked again. This time his
response was "I can't find the button that says
"your desktop" do you know where it is?"

I about died on the spot.

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and also

by avid In reply to What desktop?

i was doing phone support for a home user who had just purchased a notebook and wanted to change the screen size. i tell the person to right-click on the desktop and left-click on properties. his response, after several attemps at explaining "right-click and left-click" was, "I am not at my desk."

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