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What is your best and great user

By zlitocook ·
Stories from 2005? I asked the same thing last year and still laugh or just shake my head at some of them.
I will start by telling one of my own user stories. I was a new employee at a small bank and had the pleasure to upgrade all the old servers to Win 2000! There were 11 servers and six were old Unix servers/ pre 98, well they ran all the banking services from them. All the data bases were not uopgradeable to Windows of any type. I told the CIO that we needed to export the data to a file and try to import to Excel and try to import to the new servers.
He only wanted his files saved and some things on the sever saved. I thought he was talking about his own laptop. But he said no I should not worry about the banks information because it is backed up ever night and can be access any time.
Well the back ups were never checked and were blank, I tried to show him this but was told to compleat the project. Well I left the bank the next week before the bank was examaned by the FDIC.

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and these are the people deciding how much of a raise employees get

by cbcathy In reply to What desktop?
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My excel

by gpastorelli In reply to dumb users.....

I have this one trouble user, about every week or so she comes to me and this is how the conversation goes.

Her - "Greg I have a huge problem."
Me - "What seems to be the problem?"
Her - "I was working in Excel (word, access,etc) and I saved a file and now ALL my Excel (word, access) files are gone. Something must've happened and they got deleted."
Me - "Well I'm positive they're not missing, unless you deleted them."
Her - "No, they're gone I can't find them, they're usually in this folder (shows me a directory).
Me - "Ok let me take a look (open up search, type in *.xls, run it). Yup here they are, thats the folder they're in
Her - "How'd they get moved there?"
Me - "According to the file attributes they've been in this directory for at least a month, maybe you were mistaken"
Her - "No I'm sure they got moved there."
Me - "Well no bother, you've got them. Now if you'll excuse me...." and I trail off as I make a break for it.

Now this conversation happens at least every few weeks, it's getting quite annoying.

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My excel II

by jtalboy In reply to My excel

So I have the same person in my office - turns out she was trying to open excel files while in word. duh!

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You can do this!

by Dr Dij In reply to My excel II

strangely enuf, you CAN open excel files in word, shows as a big excel grid inside word, and I don't think you can do much editing unless it calls excel with ola, of course not what the user wanted to do

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by jtalboy In reply to You can do this!

but you can't see the excel files in using the open browse command in word...

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Yes you can

by GOComps In reply to

You just have to change the focus of the type of file by typing *.* or selecting all files!

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Opened Excel in Word

by bbroyg In reply to You can do this!

When I first started working at a company and did not know the "personalities" of our frequent callers, I got a call from a woman who was frantic that all her Excel files were CRAZY! "When I open them, they're all jumbled up." I could not imagine what she was talking about so I remoted into her desktop to watch what she was doing. "Show me what's going on..." I let her drive, she went to her taskbar and brought up Word and proceeded to do File/Open (she was set to "All Files (*.*)"), browse to her shared drive and opened several .xls files.
"you see, they're all crazy!"
"but you're opening them in Word"
"no I'm not."
"you're in Word right now."
"well, that's not what I was doing when I had the problem before I called you."
Then is took control of her mouse and launched Excel. I asked where the files she needed to work in were located and browsed to them and of course, they opened w/ no problem.
She said, "so why are they OK now?"
"because we're in Excel now."
"That's what I was using before!"
I went back to her Word, I clicked on "File" in the tool bar and looked at the list of recently opened files.
"are these the Excel files you've been trying to open?"
At that point, I put her on hold to keep from laughing in her ear, but I was still remoted into her computer. I watched as she proceeded to open 5 or 6 .doc files so she could flush out all the .xls files from her Word MRU list.
I brought her back on the line and let her know that she had to open .xls files in Excel for them to display properly.
She said, "OK, but I'm going to call back if this starts happening again."

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Excel 3

by tajreboa In reply to You can do this!

My users like to use Word to browse thier folder for Excel documents and visa versa. Only problem is they dont change the "Show files with the extention..."
So when they are in Word looking for thier Excel docs, they "disappeared".

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by BSchmidt In reply to Excel 3

We don't typically have that problem here, most of our users use Excel (and sometimes PowerPoint) as their word processors instead of Word anyway. Then they wonder why they have so much trouble with it...

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Excel with Word & Respect for Users

by JustAnotherTechie In reply to You can do this!

Our users are not particularly dumb - but MS Office is - it allows a user to open up an Excel document in Word - and save it - but it becomes a word document with a .xls extension. It is very messy to clean up - and I find it hard to console users who can't understand why the computer would allow them to do something like that. You can call the user dumb for doing it - but I think MS is even dumber for allowing it to happen - at least not the edit and save part..

OK - there's my MS rant - I have to agree with an earlier post about treating users with respect - I find respect begets respect and I start it. Most users are intelligent competent people - competent with the things that they were hired to do - and I'm hired to help them with the computer - it's a team effort. If I approach it that way I rarely get the same person with the same problem - because I spend enough time with them that they learn how to solve that and similar problems.

I think our largest problems have been with smart competent people who have so little respect for IT and security measure that they try to do unauthorized things (like setting up WiFi in the office or plugging their personal lap-tops into our LAN, messing with their host file - disabling their antivirus in an attempt to get a game working - something like that) and then when they have screwed it up so bad they don't know which end is up - they call us in a tiz. In the problem solving phase we might have a wrap-up conversation about the document they sign each year indicating their agreement to comply to the usage policy - they're usually a bit more willing to contemplate it after a spectactular failure on their behalf to comply...

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