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What is your best and great user

By zlitocook ·
Stories from 2005? I asked the same thing last year and still laugh or just shake my head at some of them.
I will start by telling one of my own user stories. I was a new employee at a small bank and had the pleasure to upgrade all the old servers to Win 2000! There were 11 servers and six were old Unix servers/ pre 98, well they ran all the banking services from them. All the data bases were not uopgradeable to Windows of any type. I told the CIO that we needed to export the data to a file and try to import to Excel and try to import to the new servers.
He only wanted his files saved and some things on the sever saved. I thought he was talking about his own laptop. But he said no I should not worry about the banks information because it is backed up ever night and can be access any time.
Well the back ups were never checked and were blank, I tried to show him this but was told to compleat the project. Well I left the bank the next week before the bank was examaned by the FDIC.

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you need to teach them not just fix the issue

by warwizard In reply to My excel II

When you have a customer (internal or external) that keeps making the same errors, it's because you have not taken the time to teach the person to understand the process. Instead of beating a hasty retreat, you should take the time to find out what she is doing, and then train her in the proper usage. User training should be a big part of the help desk, as you'll get fewer help requests overall.

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Yeah, but then...

by Zeppo9191 In reply to you need to teach them no ... take away your job security. well as the source of the headache that is apparently so much enjoyed by the writer. (Brick walls are GOOD for the brain!)

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Good Graaaaaavy!!!!!!

by Techtacular In reply to Yeah, but then...

Without cussing I should ask you what your position is? What kind of job security do you need that you can't show a user how to open an Excel spreadsheet correctly??? If I had to have those kind of pitiful tasks needed to keep my job I would consider serving burgers somewhere. Give your users some knowledge for crying out loud! For one thing it will save you alot of frustration from not having to do this every few days or so, plus it will give the user a feeling of slight power knowing how to do it correctly. Now whether you like to make people feel good about themselves or not is beside the point because now you have a "power user" in terms of that one little task and he/she can take that burden out of your hair by sharing that knowledge as well. Now you can go back to playing solitare or whatever it is YOU use to kill time when you aren't protecting your "job security". I will stick to keeping the internet connection alive and our VPN, controlling web use, setting up emails, user accounts and fileshares, making backups and checking recovery, running cables for a new user office, setting up a computer, installing new software, making a backup power solution, setting up wireless access points, ordering a new document station.......maybe you catch my drift, or maybe you never needed help in a task? Get a life and DO YOUR JOB!

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by Zeppo9191 In reply to Yeah, but then...

If you can't pick up on sarcasm, then you need more help than I can offer.

Nice rant, though. Get over yourself.

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In a way, teaching users is job security...

by RayJeff In reply to Yeah, but then...

If you take the time to show them their mistakes and show they what they should be doing to perform whatever task that is they are doing, then it is good. Not only as some have said that it cuts down on calls to the desk, it shows the user that you have some sort of caring towards them as a user. Why do u think users call us so much? Users are like children and when they feel that the support is there for them, they will call and call. Yes, this can cause the turnaround effect of aggravating users who make the same dum-num mistakes. But, if they learn, then they are basically your mouthpiece. They will speak up for you when you get in a rut. Trust me, I know.

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Beg to differ...

by KendyfortheState In reply to you need to teach them no ...

There are some customers who, while good at their areas of expertise, are as dumb as a box of hammers when it comes to computer issues. No amount of training will fix that.

I am the most patient person I know when dealing with customers, and I always take the time to calmly explain how to do things, but sometimes, as I'm talking and watching the user smile and nod their heads, I can almost hear the rushing sound of my words being sucked down the wormhole that resides just inside their ears.

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agree w/ Ken

by bbroyg In reply to Beg to differ...

I can't count the number of times that I've gotten off the phone w/ a user and thought, "I wish I could see this person in their element and see how good they are at their job" because they don't have a clue about what's going on w/ their computer. And as far as being able to teach frequent callers how to resolve their own issues... I haven't had any user's from that planet yet. There's an endless number of feel, "why should I learn this when I can call YOU?"

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dumb as a box of hammers

by Too Old For IT In reply to Beg to differ...

And these are usually the people with the big salaries, the big offices, the big comission checks.

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by trevor In reply to Beg to differ...

I work for a company of about 200 and within this company we have everything from the ones that have never touched a computer up to the ones that think they know more than the IT staff. I have been able to work with almost all of them. But on the other hand we do have a couple of users that no matter what we do (and several of us have spent many hours trying) just won't pick up on the information.

For example, one is a Planner, goes through designs, drafts, blueplints and such, has been in it for many years. But no matter how many times we show him how to use Word Templates and not to change them, or the difference between Word and Excel and not to save it in Word (I'm with the prior posting, Why did MS even allow it, though OpenOffice is great for fixing it after he has messed it up). The most common comment that he makes is "The computer should just know what I want". I'm sorry but some users just won't get it (not that they can't).

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by Climenhaga In reply to you need to teach them no ...

This should go under the Dumb Tech category. Why would anyone let the same problem occur repeatedly?

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