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What is your biggest desire as an IT professional?

By rstan251 ·
I often wonder why I am in the IT field. Is it money, the challenge or what?

I stumbled into IT because of my fascination with "gadgets" and specifically computers in the mid 90s.

I don't know if I am as fascinated now. I thought my biggest desire was to make lots of money but it is not.

I think the thing I enjoy the most is solving problems (IT related and the bigger the better), helping people and being recognized (at least occasionally).

How about you?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Watergate mentality

Just remember;

If you hit your head on the mantelpiece, you are going to look up and see what you hit it on! ;\

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Re: Watergate

by rstan251 In reply to Watergate mentality
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My biggest desire?

by jck In reply to What is your biggest desi ...

Sadly to say: get out of the profession.

I have done all that I can in IT, to be honest. Done everything from fixing PCs for my neighbors to writing blackbox apps.

If I stay in, I want to own my own business and fix/sell PCs. The programming aspect of it has lost its appealing nuances to me. I used to love to sit down and write code and discover how to make things happen that weren't supposed to happen. But now, it seems like sitting down to write code is a hassel.

I'd also like to retire and go do more altruistic things, such as work at food pantries or soup kitchens or a charitable thrift store. I don't see my impact on IT now having any relevant positive effect on society. I would like to do something that helps people more, rather than keeping some bureaucrat or executive happy.

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Getting out of the business

by rstan251 In reply to My biggest desire?

What I hear you saying is that IT is not "feeding your soul".

I struggle with this myself and wonder if there is something I could do while in IT that might be fulfilling?

I hate to throw away all my knowledge.

I wonder if there is a way to achieve both?

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I'm not sure

by jck In reply to Getting out of the busine ...

I love working on PCs. In fact, I'm about to do a little write-up on another website about hardware. Maybe that will lead to a career doing hardware reviews and let me do something I really enjoy.

But yeah, the software aspect of IT doesn't feed my soul anymore. You're spot on.

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About write-ups

by rstan251 In reply to I'm not sure

You know review sites like make decent money from advertising. And, once they reach a certain status, the get free stuff sent to them for testing.

I tried to do that once. Didn't workout because I ran out of stuff to test. I was limmited to what I had purchased.

Have you considered putting up a blog or something?

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some hardware reviewers make very good dough

by Forum Surfer In reply to About write-ups

Just check out anand's home theater review for his own home theater.

On a side note, I love putting together new pc's with the latest and greatest internals. I just built a budget gaming rig for a friend's son. Core2Quad (no budget for i7), 8 gigs 1066 memory, 9800 gtx, 750gb hdd, a 550 watt power supply and a fairly decent 22" lcd (tn panel unfortunately to save $$). It performs outstanding with Vista Ultimate 64, especially for a "budget" overclockable $822 (including 22" monitor and shipping for all parts)gaming rig.

What I hate is handing ridiculously overpowered pc's over to a customer that doesn't realize how powerful his rig is and says he can't tell a difference from before because his new internet isn't faster. They still have expectations of faster web browsing no matter how many times you explain it doesn't work that way.

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by jck In reply to some hardware reviewers m ...

I bet the guy who started Tom's hardware guide isn't poor either, since they sold out the Best of Media Group.

Maybe I can start one and sell it out to ABC/Disney. That would rock. lol

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by jck In reply to About write-ups

I'm thinking about putting up a website actually...kinda like a "ask Mr. Fix-it" or something.

I have been doing PCs (used to be called IBM compatibles lol) for around 25 years now since I was in high-school.

I just realized too. Christmas 2011 will be my 30th anniversary of getting my first computer.

Damn I'm getting old.

But, I might do a website/blog and try to drive it that way. I just hate to have a website with tons of ads on it. I know it's annoying as **** to me, and I have dual broadband connections in my house.

Who knows tho. If I could make $8000 a month doing a website, I'd be a dang website running fool. :^0

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website or blog

by rstan251 In reply to yeah

I think you are right. Advertisements are annoying. You could start with a free blog on typpad or blogger...

... once you have enough people interested then you could start a "real" website...


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