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What is your biggest desire as an IT professional?

By rstan251 ·
I often wonder why I am in the IT field. Is it money, the challenge or what?

I stumbled into IT because of my fascination with "gadgets" and specifically computers in the mid 90s.

I don't know if I am as fascinated now. I thought my biggest desire was to make lots of money but it is not.

I think the thing I enjoy the most is solving problems (IT related and the bigger the better), helping people and being recognized (at least occasionally).

How about you?

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I cheat

by santeewelding In reply to What is your biggest desi ...

I supplement with DHEA.

You are beginning to sound that young that you need not.

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With you on that one...

by Evertech108 In reply to What is your biggest desi ...

Hello to rstan251 and all,

You stated: "I think the thing I enjoy the most is solving problems (IT related and the bigger the better), helping people and being recognized (at least occasionally)."

Which is were my train of thought is now. I originally started in the IT field with the idea of changing careers and better pay.

I mean, money is good...but what good is it if you don't enjoy your craft?

To think that way back when I was petrified of computers in general. My how times change! The best thing that may have happened to me, looking back, was being able to keep a close rapport with the technical department back at my first corporate job and them being patient with my many questions.

It was exactly that challenge of being able to "DO" something when problems arose and being able to solve many of them is what is rewarding about the IT field. And yes being able to communicate with all walks of life and trying to understand different perspectives toward technology is very alluring in a way.

Of course, the fact that one has more sophisticated toys to play with is part of the fun...LOL

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Cool Toys

by rstan251 In reply to With you on that one...

I agree. Playing with cool new toys and working on projects is fun.

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Where I am and Where I want to be.... 2 moving Targets

by jpesadilla In reply to What is your biggest desi ...

Back when I was a kid, my uncle was a watch maker. I loved going to his shop and pulling apart old clocks to see how they worked.

That curiosity shifted to the electronics inside those clunky TRS 80s and Commodore 64s, where I found I had an aptitude for breaking things....and fixing what I broke.

I have been able to translate that inquisitive nature into an almost Guru like status with regards to diagnosis and repair.

As I became more seasoned in the IT world my goal(s) were to finally make it to management status. With the recent eceonomic downturn my goal(s) nowadays is to keep my job and worry about my career later.

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About Clocks

by rstan251 In reply to Where I am and Where I wa ...

So, it sounds like you like fixing stuff or enjoy problem solving?

Is your biggest desire to become a manager or is that a goal?

- robert.

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Looking to live in the daylight......

by jpesadilla In reply to About Clocks

After working the past 15+ years in IT Operations my biggest goal is finally to be able to work and live in the sunlight.

Although it was novel at the beginning of my career, being known as the company "Ghost" or "Vampire" because I worked nights is getting a little long in the fangs.

I would like to get my work/life balance back to where I can actually socialize again.

So moving up to an administrator or management position seems the best way of doing that.

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Learn everything I possibly can.

by Wireeater In reply to What is your biggest desi ...

My biggest desire is to always love what I do, keep it fun and professional. There is nothing better being able to go to work, have fun and enjoy it while making money. I hope to learn as much as possible to the best of my ability to make sure I am able to resolve everyones problem. Helping the people are the main things that make me enjoy my job. It kind of makes you feel like a Super Hero of IT.

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