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What is your experience of using TechRepublic?

By ms09nk ·
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Hello everyone,

As part of my MSc Dissertation project at Warwick Business School in UK, I?m conducting a survey that deals with users? experiences of participation in professional virtual communities, of which TechRepublic is perfect example.

I would be great if you could help me and participate by clicking on the link below. The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes to answer. All responses will be kept strictly confidential (used only for the purposes of my dissertation). Everyone who participates will have the option to enter into a draw for five ?20 (or $30) Amazon vouchers.

The survey is accessible at:

I greatly appreciate your help. My degree depends on this survey! If you would like to know the results of my work, I will be happy to share them here with the TechRepublic community after the data is collected.

Best regards,

Nikita Kursov

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I mean

by santeewelding In reply to huh?

That even you, Jaqui -- possibly the least among us -- do not fit into the mold of trust.

"Trust" is that which marketers and their ilk study intensively at university, relying heavily on 18-20 year-old-something subjects, like an ingrown toenail of intellect, to extrapolate to adults at large.

I am not one of them.

Looking around here, I am hard-pressed to see any others.

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Go for it, AV

by NickNielsen In reply to Tell me, why should I bel ...

He's not only been hanging around, he's been active–definitely not your typical spammer.

I took the survey, but declined the $/£/€ incentive. The survey was a bit repetitive, but I suspect that has more to do with statistical accuracy than anything else.

The only lack I noticed was a provision for respondent comments. Not a problem. If he continues to monitor this discussion, he'll get an earful. And maybe even a few usable quotes.

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I'm just jaded, Nick

by AV . In reply to Go for it, AV

I know he has been responding to people and I'm willing to help students out with their research, but I'm just paranoid when I see the classic spam phrases like "click on the link" and you'll get whatever for your participation.

I immediately go into Warning Will Robinson mode. I just can't help it. If I ever clicked on his link I'd have to scan my PC with every malware tool I have or I wouldn't be able to sleep that night. :_|


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RE: If I ever clicked on his link I'd have to scan my PC with every malware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm just jaded, Nick

AV you mean to say that you don't do this anyway?

You can not be anywhere near as Paranoid as I am then, I do a entire scan at least once a day with the heavy duty stuff and that is just for visiting TR. It gets much worse when I go to sites that I don't know.

Once upon a Time a Shrink suggested that I didn't trust anyone at all and I should work on that. I just replied that Trust isn't the point here You have the infection not me and I'm the one that you called to fix the mess that you made.

But none the less I trust the Web Implicitly to Screw Me Over at every chance.

He tried to section me but first he wanted me to fix his computer. Apparently some people think that the Web is Safe. :^0 :^0


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Of course, I have real-time protection

by AV . In reply to RE: If I ever clicked on ...

I just don't scan with every malware program out there daily unless I clicked on something suspicious.

I trust the web as much as you do. Hence, I'm ready for a padded room.


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Admit it, ms09nk

by bergenfx In reply to What is your experience o ...

... you must be having fun. I am, reading the jibes, barbs, local customs. Almost like a Stephen King movie; (I think he writes books, too). Maybe, next time, you should bring along an anthropologist and do a field study.

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This place

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Admit it, ms09nk

is Social Science heaven.

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naw boxy

by Jaqui In reply to This place

it's a mental asylum with voluntary residents.

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with PeeWee Herman

by bergenfx In reply to naw boxy

as Nurse Ratched

edit for spelling

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by santeewelding In reply to with PeeWee Herman

How the **** are you?

And, who the **** are you?

Seems I knew once in a way someone up by your way. You wouldn't be him, would you?

Regardless, you handle yourself -- and I enjoy you -- well.

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