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What Linux Distro Do You Use and Why

By jlholmes21 ·
So what linux distro do you use and why do you use it?

I personally use Ubuntu, 32bit edition, as my Linux OS. It was the first linux dsitrobution I used and I amused to all this 'sudo' stuff in the terminal. Also the Ubuntu Software Centre, Package Manager and GetDeb have helped me get all the applciations I need. I don't like Unity but I don't like most of the GUIs, I want gnome 2 back.

I have tried things like Fedora, openSuSe, Linux Mint, arch, Puppy..... and you get the picture. If their was a Ubuntu (not Debian, although ubuntu is Debian Based) Linux distro that comes with Gnome 2 but is upto date with 11.10 then tell me about it as soon as possible.

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Ubuntu 11.10???

by jlholmes21 In reply to for GNOME2, have a look a ...

I'll try it on Ubuntu 11.10.... Hope it works

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Gnome 2 aint no more in 11.10

by ajopaul In reply to Ubuntu 11.10???

The article linked above is for reverting from gnome3 to gnome2 in 11.04, but since gnome2 is no longer available in 11.10 the closest one can get to gnome2 is by installing the gnome shell fallback mode as mentioned in the article.

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Linux mint

by jlholmes21 In reply to Gnome 2 aint no more in 1 ...

I use mint now.. Gnome 3 with gnome 2 features

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