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What makes a discussion "hot"?

By gralfus ·
I've seen some discussions that generated a hailstorm of responses that seemed to never gain a "hot" listing, but others that generated only a comparative few did get that listing. Is it automated, or does a TR person decide what is "hot"?

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no offense to jdclyde

by jck In reply to Guiness?


a) he's not big enough to physically take it from me himself
b) he'd need to kill me to get if from me involuntarily (or ask...I'd share if he was nice about it)
c) he doesn't appreciate Guinness, so he wouldn't try to take it anyways and my's the only love I have in my house right now...

My goodness...My Guinness!! :)

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How about a nice Miller Lite?

by jdclyde In reply to no offense to jdclyde

light, refreshing, and absolutely no flavor to stand in the way of your enjoying it.

As far as taking it away, I don't have to be bigger, just faster.

And I wouldn't take it to DRINK. Beer makes a GREAT fertilizer for my trees!

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speed vs grip

by jck In reply to no offense to jdclyde


you must long as I've been single (36 years), I've got a REALLY good grip...especially in my right (drinking) hand...ok? got the picture?

speed won't get that beer from my hand...unless it's empty and you have another one ready for me...and again, no offense...but, I don't wanna see you in an apron.

go cook some ribs now, dammit!!!

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10 k post isn't

by Jaqui In reply to Then why is your 10k post ...

an embarassment thread.
it's a post that says there are memebers that do spend time contributing.

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Close, but not quite

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to MIscellaneous purposely e ...

First off, the Hot List is based on an algorithm built into the Jive database, which uses queries to the discussion database as a key metric. In layman's terms, it accounts for both how often a post is read, not just posted to. A thread could theoretically get hot with just one post if thousands of people read it, as occasionally happens to controversial news stories promoted in our IT News e-mail newsletter.

Miscellaneous as a category is not excluded. We have a manual exclusion process where we can "suppress" a thread that is too far afield from IT. (You'll notice that these things creep into the lists during holidays and weekends, when no one is around to supress them.)

However, we let the threads that discuss site features or site issues stay up, even if they are from Miscellaneous, and even if they criticize us. This isn't about censorship, just promotional discretion.

As to "Too Hot for TR," that's a feature we run in the Community NetNote, a weekly e-mail newsletter. THFTR lists the top five most active "suppressed" threads, based on posts. You can sign up for that newsletter here.

I also post the full text of all the Community NetNotes as discussions, and tag them. You can view the full archive here.

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That leads into a question I had for you anyways

by jdclyde In reply to Close, but not quite

For the Blog, is it possible to add a note of how many times they have been read? Kind of give a blogger an idea if anyone is looking or not? Or at least make this something you could look up?


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We're working on it

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to That leads into a questio ...

The new Blog door (check the top-nav) lists the blogs using the same Jive algorithm, but its a little buggy at the moment. We're working on a more robust Blog ranking system, which will probably incorporate something to the effect of "number of unique visitors" similar to a conventional Web traffic report. But for now, the Hot Blogs list (which we're tweaking) will have to do.

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Sounds good to me!

by jdclyde In reply to We're working on it

I eagerly await.

You get your attaboy for the day.

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