What makes us think microsoft intentionally releases substandard software

By gabriel_adeola_ojo ·
What makes us think microsoft intentionally releases sub standard software.

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Old Monopoly Fears

by GreenIrene In reply to What makes us think micro ...

I doubt that it's all intentional... I mean, Vista hardly turned out well for them and it's hard to believe they intentionally created a faulty OS that they'd have to run expensive ad campaigns to try and redeem.

I think this belief comes from the fact that they used to have a literal monopoly on software, so they had enough market share that they could rely on people buying their software just because everything was stacked in their favor market wise. Add this to the fact that they were largely unpopular for the same reasons and it made it easy to imagine they were chiseling you with substandard products.

The real reason though, in my opinion, is less juicy: Making software is difficult. You don't have to TRY to make software substandard, almost everything is nearly unusable in its early stages and still usually ends up rushing out with bugs for its official release.

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Reponse To Answer

by KeithBa In reply to Old Monopoly Fears
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Reponse To Answer

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Old Monopoly Fears

They do some good stuff, when they have competition, same as any other commercial set up, quality isn't free, business's consider it an optional extra. I'm not redmond's biggest fan, but you could easily substitute any major software manufacturer in the question and be valid.

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Figuring out how to use the #^^@%$^#&&^&! stuff

by pnnfc In reply to What makes us think micro ...

In order to judge the product, one must be able to properly run the product. In too many cases, I cannot find in their own documentation how to do basic, fundamental things. I usually have to search the 'net. Pretty slick, eh? Act incompetent and allow your customers to do your work for you: debug, document, product improvement, etc. ALL FOR FREE!
One example:
In almost every software that uses forms there is a need to limit what a user can enter in a text box. But no! Both VB and C# Express have no such object for numerics. You have to search the help, and add a class to your program manually. I know, I'm a beginner, but still, what a pain in the a$$.

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Reponse To Answer

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Figuring out how to use t ...

How far do you go?
Numbers only.
And back space, enter / return - sign, decimal separator, thousand separators..
Is blank zero, or zero blank. Auto rounding, to what precision. Scientific notation. Hex data entry....

Just create a component of your own, use that instead of the standard textbox. You can get rid of all the stuff you don't need like multi line wordwrap, you can default to middle right, you'll leran more doing this than f;ing abot with onkeypress event handlers all the tme.

If it's too much hassle you can buy or probably download one for free. Careful though, some are badly implemented drivel, or do about eighty other things you don't need.

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