what part of my pc is dead

By seanmckay666 ·
hello. i have a shuttle motherboard ak38n, a amd athlon xp 266 mhz cpu, 3 kingston 256 meg ddr 333 ram. all built by myself 3 years ago. and been working fine till yesterday when my monitor went blank. i thought it crashed and restarted the pc powerd up with no beeps and just the fans. ive read through the forums and stripped my com out and tested it out of case.
with just the mobo and pu it powers up (green led lights on) but no beep still. ive tried it with the cpu + heatsink/fan and still nothing.
i havent got another mobo or cpu i can test either of these to find out what else could be wrong. as i have no beeps i can't pinpoint the problem. any help would be excellent. thankyou.

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Start Over.

by 1bn0 In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

The minimum you need to "boot" the motherboard is the CPU+FAN, at least 1 memory chip and the power supply

The memory chip MIGHT need to be in a particular sockete to work.

If the video card is bad or missing at this point you should at least get POST beep errors.

Check the capacitors again.
You have to look very closely. When the caps go bad the only visible difference is a slight swelling of the top of the cap. The caps are normally flat accros the top of the cylinder. If they are convex, thren they are bad. Usually the bad caps are the larger caps next to the power supply connector. (Not always)

Try each memory chip by itself in each slot.

If you don't get any response then your board probably is dead.

Good Luck.

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by seanmckay666 In reply to Start Over.

i have been right over everything so many times im going mad. i have repaired so many computers and i find that gigabyte motherboards are one for capacitors splitting and leaking' but still run for years. on mine none are split or leaking or even raised they are all flat and clean. i stripped my psu to give it a clean up and i have bad capacitors in there.
i have now tried the mobo in a new case with psu and still no post or beeps.

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Bad caps in PSU not a good sign.

by 1bn0 In reply to re-checked

I'm afraid your motherboard is probably fried then.

Your symptoms are consistant. Capacitors are usually used to regulate DC voltages. If the caps in the psu are bad then it has probably fed to much voltage to the motherboard and damaged the on board components.

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Bad Motherboard

by AndyMcK In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

I had exactly the same thing happen to a PC two days ago - bad motherboard. Unusually I was still getting power through the board, the same as you have reported, but the PC would not boot every with all devices, RAM removed.

Telltale sign was that a single capacitor was slightly 'bubbled' on top. Hardly noticeable but enough you could tell the difference compared to others on the board.

Your other components are likely fine. Your best bet is to replace the board and test.

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not capacitor

by seanmckay666 In reply to Bad Motherboard

the capacitors are fine, i have been over the whole motherboard with a magnifying glass
and the board looks brand new.

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Still Could be a Bad Cap

by willcomp In reply to not capacitor

Capacitors can fail without visible signs of damage (it's not uncommon).

Based on results so far, that would be my diagnosis (failed mobo and most likely a failed capacitor).

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Do drives spin up?

by TonytheTiger In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

If so, you could have lost one of the 5-volt lines in your power supply. (Fans all run on the 12 volt line).

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if still no boot do this

by Naw-yi In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

reset your cmos, look in your mb manual for cmos reset pins, they are by you battery. and reset your motherboard this will default all bios settings. if this still doesnt do the trick. plz give:

all specs
mb make model #, etc.

and u tried a known good monitor? right?

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by In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

I am experiencing the same problem. Were you able to locate the issue in the end?

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