What rights do I have?

By kkbushey ·
I recently walked into my office to hear my supervisor talking about me with one of my co-workers. He said "If she was not so efficient, I would have fired her a long time ago" And the other employee says, "She just walked by", my supervisor states, "Now, right after I said that?" The co-worker responds "Yes" and the supervisor says "Crap". Goes into his office, send an email to us both stating he has an appointment he forgot about and abruptly leaves. I did go and speak with my supervisors boss who says that the comment was inappropriate and he will have a talk with him. Do I have any legal recourse here such as a hostile work environment? This is not the first time this has happened, although the other instances are all heresay where other employees have overheard similar conversation from these same two people, one being my supervisor, the other being an equal co-worker. Please tell me what rights, if any I have.

Thanks - Bummed out in Kansas

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to What rights do I have?

He said you were efficient and that's why you continue to be employed. Where's the hostility? Have you seen any signs that he is impeding your career? If your company is big enough to have an HR department, have you talked to them?

Most of use would be fired if we weren't efficient.

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You have the right. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to What rights do I have? wonder what it is about you that bothers other people (or at least these people). find another place of employment. be offended.

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Stay calm, confront him, ask him why.

by SlappyMcnasty In reply to What rights do I have?

Instead of looking for a "legal recourse", find out what the issue is.

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Slappy is Right

by Dan Powers In reply to Stay calm, confront him, ...

Leagal action is not the answer and in most cases would cost you more then anything you'd ever get in return.

Stay calm and confront the issue in a professional way. Keep your personal feeling to the side on this.

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Work is a four letter word.

by stress junkie In reply to What rights do I have?

Stuff happens. The work environment is not guaranteed to be fun or even pleasant. That's why they have to pay us to go there. A manager's misbehavior may be against corporate policy and is certainly bad for business but we don't have legal recourse for every imagined slight in the workplace. The fact that you would even ask if you your "rights" have been violated over such a minor incident makes me wonder if you are difficult to work with.

Keep in mind that this is not a legal counsel web site so you are definitely asking the wrong people.

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Write everything - NOW

by 1bn0 In reply to What rights do I have?

Write everything - NOW! Before you do anything or talk to anybody.

First option, if you have an HR department, is talk to HR. They are REQUIRED to deal with these kinds of issues.

This could be considered, Defamation of Character , Harassment and or Sexual Discrimination.

Don't just leave it up to your supervisors boss. Make sure YOU talk to HR yourself.

Reporting this to HR does not mean it needs to become a "federal case". It does mean that if it is not addressed properly, you have at least taken appropiate steps on your part.

If this becomes a bigger problem, the first question you will be asked is "Why did you not report this sooner?"

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You are full of s--t.

by stress junkie In reply to Write everything - NOW

You don't know what you are talking about. You live in a dream world. Take your medication. Please. Take it now. Take your medication every day like the hospital staff told you to do.

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Too little information to tell

by dablack In reply to You are full of s--t.

Nobody in his/her right mind can offer sound advice based on what was written in the original post.

Rights? Those rights vary by state an by employer (size, type, etc.) A small family-run business is usually not subject to the terms and conditions of an EEO.

Large companies usually have a code of conduct or a code of ethics published by their HR departments. if you really want to persue legal action, talk to your HR manager and ask for a copy of the publication. I'd be willing tobet you cannot find anything wrong with what your manager stated... it sounds more like an opinion than anything.

Next, if you can't walk up to your boss FIRST, and ask him what he meant by the comment, then there appears to already be friction between you two.

Finally, know that everybody says things about everybody else at one point or another. You just happen to catch your boss doing it. What about all the things I'm sure YOU said about him?

Because of the latter, you may want to consider just forgetting about it, and dismiss it as "one of those things". You need to realize that people are human, and to err is human. But I'm not even sure there was an "err" committed by your boss. Perhaps work on your social skills too.

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Much More importantly

by OH Smeg In reply to Too little information to ...

Why respond to a 2 year old Question?

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by Bizzo In reply to Much More importantly
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